Crafting Survey Form Feedback

Hi to all,

Now I would like feedback on my survey form please.

One thing I would like help on is when I take it to mobile size ( changes at around 500px) my radio and checkbox looks a bit funny. Any suggestions on how to fix it please.

Many Thanx. :smile:

It’s nice I like, there did you the background from? And to make it responsive you can you use Media Queries, and you can adjust how it will look then the screen is a certain size.

Hey @Olittlun,

Your form is looking good. Media Query is the answer to your question.
You may want to re-visit the following lesson which will help you with Media Query.


Thank you. I just found the background online. I am trying to use media queries but the text is still not looking good. I’m wondering if I can change something in the html.

Help please!!! :smile:

Thank you yigit.

I did revisit the media query after yours and dans suggestion but I still can’t get the text to look right. Any ideas would really help?

Thanks :smile:

Actually I just fixed it by copying the .grid-container section and changing to 1fr instead and it works.

Do you think this was a good idea?


You just did it well, i believe! It’s looks nice, congrats!


Thank you. I do feel quite proud of myself :smile: