Survey form - any suggestions are welcome

Phew, finally I’ve passed all the tests, but I know my code is far from perfect. I’ll apprecieate any suggestions that will make such tasks easier and the code more beautiful. Here’s my form and code

Thanks in advance!

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Hello :smiley:

  • You need to lock the horizontal scaling of the text area
  • On mobile, things don’t scale properly

Other than that looks perfect

Hi, thank you for your feedback! :smiley:

That’s interesting, on my mobiles it works properly and have no idea where I messed up. Do you have some suggestions how to fix that?

From what I’m seeing here, that particular break happens when you use the inspect tool. With resizing the code window on codepen seems to be ok

love the idea of using an image for the radio label :+1:

“Whenever possible, test your designs and code on actual mobile devices. Simulators and desktop browsers are not substitutes for the real thing.” — Luke Wroblewski, “Mobile First"

I’d also suggest downloading Firefox Nightly and developing in that. I use Nightly and the tools they have for it are amazing when it comes to working on responsive designs, Grid/Flexbox, and pretty much everything altogether.

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Awesome job! :+1:

I like the pictures that accompany the radio buttons as well!

Suggestions noted, thank you all! I’ll totally try Firefox Nightly :slight_smile:

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