Forum keyboard shortcuts!

So I found out that pressing J or K in a topic moves to the next/previous reply. After rummaging around I found out that there’s “Keyboard Shortcuts” buried in the hamburger menu!

You can see this anytime by pressing ? on the keyboard (except when typing in a text box of course!). This is what you’ll get:


Excellent find!

I’m still learning all the ins and outs of Discourse, so this is really appreciated.

It seems that the ‘actions’ short cuts are not enabled? I could get those to work…

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It seems you need to select the post via “J” or “K” before the action shortcuts (for example I pressed “J” to move to your post then pressed “L” to like it)

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Oh, I see. I just did it :slight_smile:

I also took a guess the pressing R would open up this reply :wink:

Now I can pretend I’m using Vim