Some tips about using forum would be cool

Today I was wondering, how to filter all posts by activity and also to see only posts which have no replies. Somewhere on GitHub I found this way:

So it’s cool and this is exactly what I wanted to find.

But I would like to know, also:

Is there anyway to see:

posts that have more than one reply, but: the only person who replied is the topic creator themself

posts that have no replies and the topicstarter is currently online

I think that would make process of helping people here more efficient.

Hello there,

That sounds like something that might be possible in the Advanced Search:

This forum uses the Discourse software. So, any information around its internals you can find in their documentation:

Hope this helps

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I like this one: List of Keyboard shortcut keys for Discourse ~ * A Simple List*, and for general usage: Discourse New User Guide - faq - Discourse Meta.

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