Free Books from Stack Overflow

Hello everyone! :grin:

I don’t know if this shared in here already. I’ve made sure I’ve used the whole topic search before posting this one but if it already is then you may go ahead and delete this post.

Anyway, this has been shared on a subreddit and I want to share it in here in case it did not see the shed of light that is the FREE PROGRAMMING NOTES!
This series of notes has been compiled and written by the people at Stack Overflow (and it recently published or at least updated, if I missed something).

Despite that it said for professionals, I find it good as a reference material. Currently, (as I probably said it a thousand times, or less than five) I am learning JavaScript. I will try to stick into that.

Enough about stories here is the link:
Programming Notes for Professionals

Hope you find it useful!


This is a great resource, thanks for posting!

Great resource!

Is there anyway to view it online without having to download it?

The documentation site was killed in August, you can only access dumps of all the content now - has everything stored - that’s what these PDFs were built from. So you have to download it unless you want to take that data and parse it back to HTML and host it yourself.


This is an awesome share I’ll be sure to read over these things. Thank you!