Free Code Camp Unofficial Discord Server!

Hello Campers! :grin:


Here to tell you that Free Code Camp now has a discord server set up for those of you that are interested. This is not meant to replace any of our existing communication platforms, just add one with one really nice feature: voice communication. Easy voice communication.

If you don’t know already Discord is an application that provides text and voice services centered around gaming but easily used for anything else, like Free Code Camp! If you already have a discord account and use it quite frequently you know all of this and may just skip to the bottom for the Discord link if you choose. If you don’t know yet, I’ll give you a bit more information.

How Discord Works

Discord works with unique, random invite links to a server. They have multiple options for generating a link, like user limits, expiration date, etc. All of these define different aspects of the invite link and how it will work. Because Free Code Camp is an opinion community the link I will give below has no expiration date or user limit. Feel free to share the link around and it should work for anyone that clicks on it. If by chance it doesn’t and you are already a member of the server just ask on the server for an invite link, or if you already know how to use discord and have permission generate your own link.

Why a Discord Server?

The primary reason for wanting a discord server is its easy to use voice communication, which our other applications/platforms (Gitter) don’t have. Anyone on the server can easily join one of our voice channels and start talking. In addition I have noticed that certain development communities do use discord heavily so we are betting there is quite a few campers that will already have discord.

Discord Link and Additional Info

Click this to be added to the discord server

You will be added to the general chat (text-only) room. From there you can navigate to different rooms and chat about the “topic” that room is set to.

More information can be given by Admins on the discord server if you ask! Thanks for your time everyone and can’t wait to see you on the new server! Happy coding!


Very Good iDea :slight_smile: No doubt it will be helpful.

Interesting, good luck with your discord server.

Hi, the invite link to discord expired
Can you give us a new link ?

I believe this is the same Discord as the one OP listed.

Is this still being used?

It’s still active but i’m not in there much.

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not working… did they jump ship?

It’s still going. I will post the new invite link when I can.

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i was in the server then i got kicked out
Why idk
MY ID :- //Airbus5717#6465

Why is it shown like this?

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