Free Code Camp with iPad Pro

Hi, there. I am trying to complete the challenges on the iPad Pro. However, I’m having trouble figuring out how to select and cut or copy. There seems no way to do this? Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

FreeCodeCamp is not optimised for a touch screen, it works best with mouse and keyboard

I wondered about that, but the read this post and thought I must be doing something wrong, as it assures there should be no issue:

Positioning the cursor will slow you down on mobile.

A stylus with with a fine point helps.

If you can only pick one, a wireless keyboard with all punctuation symbols is the most bang for the buck.

I have the new Dec 2018 iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil 2nd gen and the Smart Keyboard folio. But no matter how I tap on the code in the challenge, I never get a choice to select a block and move it, as some challenges request. My only option is to rewrite the lines, which is ridiculous. So I figured there must be options I am not understanding.

Long touch gets you highlight with draggable dots and a context menu. it can also get you a magnifier circle to help position the cursor.

Try and use arrow keys on keyboard to move cursor in code editor.

As I said, the editor is not optimised for touch-screen, so selecting like that is not something you can do. Try using Shift key and moving through text with arrows, and using keyboard shortcuts to cut and paste

It’s also possible to connect a mouse to an iPad, iPhone, or whatever

I am using a new iPad 2019 and am stuck on the commenting out challenge. It seems my - button isn’t being recognized. Is anyone else having this problem?

I don’t have a real iPad, but I can’t reproduce this on an iPad Air 2 simulator.

So I kinda figured out what it is when I do - - next to each other it was coming out as a short dash and then a long dash. I typed a - and then a space and then a - and then deleted the space and it worked

you can switch off smart punctuation in the keyboard settings