Free eBook about JavaScript algorithms and datastructures

Hey guys,

I just wanted to let you know that Packt Publishing is offering a free ebook about JavaScript algorithms and datastructures today. You can find it here: (only today; may 30 2017)
For everyone who is currently in the algorithms section on FCC (or going to be there soon) this might be helpful :slight_smile: (I haven’t checked it out yet nor am I an algortihms specialist :wink: I just wanted to be nice!)

This page (linked above) is generally worth a bookmark or daily visit because you can get a free ebook there everyday - all coding or tech related!

Enough love from me :smiley: have a nice day :hearts:


Thanks for the link! You’re right, this page is definitely worth a bookmark.
Thanks for sharing.

Have a nice day.


That’s great, thank you. If your’e new yo JS I recommend to learn it as good as possible as it can get a bit complicated sometimes and it can lead to errors. Of course, those errors can be dealt with programs like checkmarx and others but it’s always recommended to do it on your own.
Good luck!

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