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Hey everyone,

(update, January 2018, I’m now a full-time instructor at teaching the Rails program and also helping on career development)

I’ve been in the industry for a little over 21 years and I also love working with non-profits. I’ve reviewed thousands and thousands of resumes and conducted close to 1,000 technical interviews, so I’m happy to offer help here in the forum for anyone that needs it.

I’m currently a volunteer career coach / mentor at the Turing School of Software & Design in Denver CO where I do resume reviews, cover letter review, general interview prep, and even mock interviews.

I recently launched a free interview prep email series that will send out a few interview questions every day, but instead of the typical “top 20 interview questions and here’s the perfect answer” kind of content, I’m writing it from the perspective of teaching you to think like an interviewer. Why am I even asking you this question? Am I looking for your opinion, or am I asking for direct experience? What soft skills do I hope you have to go along with the code skills you have, etc…

If you’re interested in reading more or subscribing, it’s 100% free: no ads, no promotion for any third party services or products.



Hey, I have my first technical interview in a week. Sounds like this can be helpful.

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Well, the series is about 5 weeks worth of content and growing. I’ll send you a DM to chat with you about some interview prep.

Awesome! Thanks a lot for sharing!

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Cool idea Ian. I just signed up for your email course.

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Wow thats pretty awesome…! I signed up as well…looking forward to the emails!

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Big thanks to everyone who has subscribed over the past 6-7 months! If there are any topics you want to suggest I’m happy to consider them for a revamp of the material later this coming summer.

You just got yourself a subscriber, sir :slight_smile:

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