FreeCodeCamp Amsterdam Meetup: Wed Oct 24th 18:00 - 20:00

Hey Free Coders!

If you’re in or around Amsterdam on Wednesday Oct 24th consider joining camelcamper, myself and some other FCC’ers at the Volkshotel from 18:00 to 20:00.

We’re gonna hang out, talk about code and help each other out a bit with any code problems we have. If you’re a total beginner: you’re more than welcome, if you’re a 1337 h4X0R: you’re welcome too!

The Volkshotel (Wibautstraat 150) is quite close to Amstelstation, walking distance. There’s free WiFi, we don’t have to pay to be there, but it’s a working space/hotel lobby so it’s a good idea to buy a drink or two from the bar. They have some really nice drinks (with or without alcohol).

Evaristo (don’t know his FCC handle) will make Facebook event. That should be somewhere on FB.

See you there!


Yep, i’ll be there!

It should be a good time and I look forward to chatting with some fellow campers whether it is programming/tech related or not.

So if you are nearby then please come join us, even if you can not stay for long.

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This (as always…) was an opportunity to connect but also to see some code in action. Topics of the day were:
— Functional Programming (eg. currying, no: it is not about Indian cuisine), its role in the React architecture, and beyond (Elm)
— Redux and Flux in general
— Always a discussion about Vue and React (apparently I am the only one who is using Vue at the moment, luckily is not Angular otherwise I think no-one would talk to me :disappointed_relieved:)
— Some guidance about linters and what babel does
— Everyone agreed: Visual Studio Code is currently the most used editor
— Fantastic Jobs and how to find them
— and more…

Really cool! COME TO THE NEXT! We are likely organizing one next week again. Bring your computer, something to do, questions to ask, something to teach. 2h of sharing.

Hope to see you soon!

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I enjoyed the hell out of it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the write-up Evaristo!
Nice meeting Silvestre, Jordan, Jessie. I hope I’ll see all of you next time again.