Contributors Meetup [Online Hangout] - May 2019

Hi! :wave:

Interested in hanging out with freeCodeCamp’s staff, contributors and community moderators?

Dates and time: May 11, 2019 4:00 PM5:00:00 PM.
Location: Invite only online Google Hangout (limited attendees).

Hop on any time during the video/voice conference call. We will get caught up and hear about your week. We will share updates on contributions and freeCodeCamp’s upcoming goals.

You can ask anything to the freeCodeCamp Staff members, moderators or contributors. Share ideas and feedback or tell us about something fun that you have been working on.

Bring your :coffee: (or :beer:) and we will have some fun.

Sound good? RSVP to this event just below the topic title on this page.


Join Our Contributors Chat room for queries and updates.


Due to time/bandwidth constraints and making the hangout productive we can send out invites only to a limited no of people. If you RSVP, we request you to make sure and join the call. This makes it so that interested people don’t miss out. :slight_smile:

We will still share offline updates on all our community channels.

Happy contributing!

Update - (May 9, 2019):

We will be sending out invites in your forum inbox via a private message, instead of an email like last time (as a commitment to safeguard your privacy).

You will be able to follow the link in the same message to join us anytime during the event slot.

Looking forward to see you.

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Thanks for organizing this, @raisedadead. I clicked the “add to my calendar” button and I’ll be there.

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Sounds fun, but the curse of the Antipodes makes this 2 am for me :slight_smile:

Ah. So sorry to hear that. Timezones are really hard. We could definitely look into planning two events in future, and hopefully cover most zones.

You can still drop your questions, suggestions and feedback here and we will make sure we discuss them during the call.

Quick update on how to join.

Thanks everyone. I have just sent you all the invite links in a message. Please check your forum inbox.

Meeting notes:

Mrugesh, Quincy, Ahmad, Beau, Randell, Oliver, Parth, Xing, Brad, Gunjan & Valeriy.

  • Everyone on the call introduced themselves.
  • Quincy shared future vision for freeCodeCamp and how we plan to help people learn and find jobs.
  • Quincy shared a quick overview of our ongoing projects and upcoming version of the curriculum currently spearheaded by Beau.
  • Quincy shared a quick overview of the redesign of the UI and UX changes planned later this year.
  • Mrugesh shared the current status of the DevOps and codebase.
  • We shared tentative timelines of the shipping master, UI redesign and upcoming curriculum.
  • We answered queries about translations of curriculum and outstanding pull requests on main repository.
  • We answered queries about chinese version of news articles and forum.
  • Everyone shared more updates on what everyone is working on.

Event helps me to understand what’s going on there , how people are contributing to make it live , Event is so awesome ,Such event need to be conduct regularly looking forward to contribute more and more on FCC

@Gunjan If you have further questions about how to use the Dashboard features, just ask me.


Can you provide me some video demo or any explanation how to work on it and stuff like that .
@RandellDawson sir

I will send you a DM on the forum.

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Thank you sir @RandellDawson You are awesome

My apologies for not being able to make it, ended having to work until the early AM then slept through!

Was the hangout recorded or are their plans to record future hangouts?

Hi @cmccormack.

No worries.

We do not record the hangout because we always have open and candid conversations in these meetings. We are happy to answer any queries that you have though.

Definitely looking forward to catching up with you in the next one.

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