Online FreeCodeCamp Meetup. would you be interested?

hello everyone,

I am having difficulties to meet with other campers due to my location. At the same time I thought of all the other campers who would like to participate in FCC meetups but they cannot due to their job schedule, disability, location, etc.

Please let me know if you are interested and if you know a technology that could help me organise one.

Your comments are highly appreciated.

Thank you


I’m in!



Susan Kiley

Let’s do it :slight_smile:

Great idea.
I think we can do it on Skype.
Please let us know the schedule.

My skype id is adnanli8
Adnan Ali

I am in !! :+1:
Let us know of the schedule

Cool idea. You could use Google Hangouts. Or we can build a tool for doing online meetups together haha :wink:

Maybe you can organise a mini hackaton for FCC members, so we all get together online at some point and then code something together using live coding tools. That would be cool

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I like that idea a lot

Thank you for your interest.

I temporarily opened this gitter chat room, so we can get to know one another, know about each others’ time availability, and arrange our first online meeting.

see you there