FreeCodeCamp Meetup -- suggestions?

Hello all
Since June 2016, I’ve been hosting FreeCodeCamp meetups weekly at San Francisco. Though I’ve met many wonderful, inspirational people in the past, this year I’d like to improve further on reaching out and having more impact.

Primarily people who attend here are either beginners and/or not working full time (at the moment, I am hosting on Thursdays). The past meetings simply involved people working by themselves or sometime pair programmed relating to FCC’s algorithm and/or projects.

Those who attend at your local FreeCodeCamp meetup (or something similar), what suggestions/things you would like to see more? Somethings that I’ve considered:

  • Mini Hackathon
  • Interview Mock Questions
  • CS Algorithm


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thanks brotha! much obliged!

In our location, that is, Free Code Camp Hyderabad, India. We’ve challenged people with the #30DaysOfCode initiative. We’ve also asked people to join together in groups and start working in group projects. These projects are managed in Trello. I think this kind of approach helps people to develop collaborative and communicative skills.

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