Virtual FCC Group Meetings via Zoom

Hey y’all I recently read a post regarding being a lonely programmer and some campers not being able to physically meet because they’re not near a local FCC group. I would like to start having virtual meetings via Zoom where we can share our screens if needed and be present with each other via a Skype like platform.

If you maybe interested please let me know, and maybe we could make this an actual thing.

Also, I am looking for a coding mentor and I would like to be a mentor myself to a beginner camper. Please let me know if you fit any of these scenarios.


Hi @SabrinaDanielle! This is a nice idea. Support it.


I think its a great idea i have been feeling quite lonely since the fcc group where I live is dead, no meetups or anything

How does your group work?

This is a great idea.both social skill and communication will improve.
let me join.

Hello. Is this still a possibility? If not I was thinking of starting a daily group on Zoom from 6-9pm PST…