Looking for a Crew or someone to do FCC with (kinda)

The Problem

Sometimes I feel like even though there are tons of people here I am truly on a solo mission. I have been one FCC for a month. I’m coding all day every day as I saved up and am not working. I post projects both from the FCC course and sometimes of my own making and rarely get any feedback.

I know it is tough, we all have a million things going on, plus learning and coding ourselves. I have to dedicate time to check out other campers’ stuff. So I am looking for someone or a group of someones that are serious about this. Maybe I’m in the wrong place. I don’t use the gitter chat. Maybe I need to get in there more often.

I just want to have someone I can show what I’m working on to and get feedback. Or one of us has a question we can bounce it off the other. I am literally available all day.

If this makes sense or resonates with you post up or send me a message. I’m gonna keep on going regardless, I just thought it would be nicer to team up some folks.

@benjaminadk : I give you permission to “Invite” me to your posts, if you’re looking for project feedback, questions or thing like that.

// just click the Invite button at the end of your post.

thanks @owel I see you on here all the time too. Now I’m looking for this invite button…

Try joining here: https://tropicalchancer.github.io/projectus/

i checked it out. i filled out the form. seems like a solid idea, guess i will see what happens. is this something you are a part of?

I just joined and just received an email yesterday that I got accepted! It starts June 9. It’s my first time. I’ve been feeling kinda lonely with my coding journey, too so I decided to give this a try.

@guymelef Im in as well. Chance? sent me a bunch of stuff about Trello. i hadn’t heard of it before. seems like a cool site. I guess we’ll see what its all about. I have been coding for about a month so I have a long way to go. I’m somewhere around advanced algorithms here. but ive been chipping away at a portfolio for the last couple days

I know how you feel!

No one looked at my page, but I don’t fret about it.
What I’ve been doing is helping others with theirs, which helped me get better at mine.
I would not mind teaming up with you for the FCC feedback, but I am just starting the JavaScript series.

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i hop around alot…i did some d3 stuff in data vis cuz it looked cool… was in over my head but thats part of the fun…im doing the beta version so there are all these new projects to do


Hey There, I would totally be interested in joining a group or team of some sort. I try to get on the gitter as much as possible but I find it digresses quite quickly, and often, to something akin to the old AOL chatrooms, lol. I think a group like this, specifically for campers and novice coders, would be extremely valuable. Keep me in the loop!

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there is that link up above. a couple of us are gonna give that a try. its a one month commitment. my first impression is that it is well organized. it just a network with a little organization. they centralize everything through this site trello…i hadnt heard of it but its cool its for teams to organize…if you click the link you end up doing a google form…you fill it out and wait for Chingu to get back to you…weird name but seems like a nice guy.


That’s funny. It does kinda remind me of old school chat rooms on Gutter. It’s cool but it digresses quickly

Cool! See you there! :grinning: