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Hello everyone!

I’m new to FFC, been trying this site for three days and it’s awesome! I tried many online courses but this one is the best so far. Not only because of great courses material but also because of awesome people who are always willing to help. I got help from couple Campers in just seconds!

I didn’t introduce myself properly so I guess it will be good moment to do so. My name is Michał Żuber, I’m 22 years old web developer from Poland. I don’t have much experience as I learn to code for a year so far and I work as a web developer for three months now.

I created that topic because I’m curious if anybody is interested in becoming CodeCampBuddies. To keep in touch, share knowledge, teach each other about tricks and practices and maybe doing some projects “after hours”. If anybody wants to try then don’t be shy! Everybody is welcome! Let me know even if your English isn’t too perfect :wink:

I am very pasionate about web development, sometimes I regret that day has only 24 hours! Can’t get enough of knowledge about coding!

Cheers! :slight_smile:


I actually approached someone on Reddit FCC if he wanted to be a programming buddy a while ago, and I can tell you it’s a valuable thing to have. We privately communicate with each other maybe two to three times a month, asking each other questions, talking about theory, and asking for ‘cold-eyes’ reviews on projects we are working on.

It’s a good way to learn and teach at the same time.

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So? Anybody interested? :slight_smile:

I am pretty interested, one of the main reasons I joined the FCC forums was to make friends!! It seems like an incredibly awesome idea to have a buddy to help you when you get stuck and keep you motivated and such. So I’m definitely in, my inbox is always open! :hearts:


I have very few friends online (I’m a strange bird when it comes to relations) but this is something i’d really like as it’s what keeps me getting on the internet lately (learning programming, that is). I’m not currently doing FCC curriculum as i’ve completed the frontend last year, but i’d be more than happy to help someone and make a new friend out of it :smiley:

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@Mizu @aCodingCat my inbox is always open for you guys! Haven’t thought that someone will eventually agree! Your replies made my day :slight_smile: So whatever you prefer either FFC forum and messages or just emails. Let’s get started!

@Mizu so if you finished FFC frontend what are you doing now? Doing any other courses? Or maybe you’re reading some interesting books? :slight_smile:

@aCodingCat How’s your challanges going? Any problems? I have to admit that scripting challanges are most challenging to me. I did some of them all by myself, sometimes I had to use hints but few of them made me look for a solution as I had no idea how to approach the problem. :slight_smile:

Frontend is obvious for me and I like to code it but I want to learn backend as well because I have to deal with WordPress and plugins at work and changing somewhere there needs to go into backend as well. It sucks when I have to ask for help with anything backend related :flushed:

I want to apologize for any mistakes I made when writing it. English isn’t my native language but I’m doing my best :slight_smile:

PS: @Mizu internet is great thing for making friends even from all around the world. I met my girlfriend on the internet by accident. And that’s how I ended up dating a Spaniard. :smiley:

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I think this is a great idea. My local campsite Facebook page hasn’t gained any traction so it would be cool to at least have some buddies online to discuss coding and maybe some of the projects with.

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Mine campsite Facebook is quite dead. It’s been founded year ago and it has couple members but none of them added anything. They didn’t even accept my joining request. We may get our own campsite if that’s better for everyone :smiley:

I’m in the UK and keen to join in and buddy up with someone so anyone please feel free to get in touch.
I’m early on with FCC and just reached the personal portfolio stage. Very keen and dedicated though.

Hey guys! I’d love to make new friends online. My city in Indonesia doesn’t even have a campsite and I haven’t met any local coding buddies. I’m currently working on the Data Visualization Certificate (finished the Front End one) after a break from coding due to college work.

@Zubru22 A new Facebook group sounds like a good idea. Maybe a Gitter chat room as well. A lot of campers live in places where there are few or even zero other campers nearby. Let us know if you create one. :smiley:

@alistermada You’re right, I’m sure that there are many people like us :slight_smile: I live in a big city (well not that big but one of larger cities in Poland) but there is no such thing as code groups or anything. There are job offers but no one wants to form a group. :frowning:

I will create Facebook group and a Gitter chat room today after work and I will post it here so anybody who’s interested will be able to join :slight_smile:

Hi there! A bit of a latecomer to your little group of burgeoning buddies. I’d love to join you all though!

It’s been a while since I had a purely online community of friends. Some of my old online friend are now IRL friends :blush: But anyway, I think it would be great to have a little extra support on this journey and I’ll look forward to the FB and Glitter chat room :smiley:

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@chubacca21 Hi there! It’s never too late to join us! Everybody is welcome :slight_smile:

I’m amazed by how many of you are interested in forming a group!

Ladies and gentlemen I announce that we have our own Gitter chanel:

And our own Facebook group (cover for group took me while but couldn’t leave it :smiley: ):

I will try to add all of you on Gitter however I cannot find you on Facebook so just click the request button on Facebook and I will add you :slight_smile:


Alrightie I sent a request to join the facebook group and sent a message in the gitter! Ahh I’m so excited for this. I hope it takes off well!

To answer your questions, @Zubru22 , my challenges have been going well! I just finished the Basic Front End Dev projects, but I’m remaking my tribute page so I can use it on my portfolio page. I learned a lot while making my portfolio and I wanted to utilize that in my tribute page and make it look all nice! I haven’t been having too many problems so far, but the Basic JavaScript stuff has been pretty intense in comparison to HTML and CSS.

But yeah super excited to start hearing from you guys on the other platforms! :smiley:

If there is any loonely camper out there our group is still open :slight_smile: Just let us know you want to join in this topic and I will add you :smiley:

My local campsite is also pretty inactive (I myself also haven’t added anything :innocent: ).
I’m not a social media person and I feel uncomfortable to share everything with the whole world and I actually created my Facebook account only after joining fcc to join local campsite. But the longer I’m learning to code the more I feel that community is very valuable (I really like to read fcc’s forum, just to see that the frustration and struggle is not unique to me).

Hi there! :slight_smile:

I added you to Facebook group. :slight_smile: If you want to join our Gitter chanel just creat account and let me know your nickname so I may add you. :slight_smile:
Don’t worry, frustration is common thing in programming but what is even more common is unbreakable will to go forward :slight_smile: No matter what obsticles get into our way! :slight_smile: Don’t let your spirit go down :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting me join the group! :relaxed: I’m a newbie right now (I’m on the tribute page), but I have my holidays right now so hopefully I’ll be able to catch up quickly and participate and stuff.

@gordonFreeman you’re welcome :slight_smile: Everybody is learning here so there is no need for dividing us into newbies and not newbies :smiley: I’m trying to do portfolio challange as I had to look for inspiration. I can’t code if I don’t see any psd project :slight_smile:

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I would like to join! :smiley:

The Facebook page seems to be working but I couldn’t get the gitter chat to show up. Did it’s url change?

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