(Part 2) Seeking eager campers to join FCC cohort

Some more campers have emailed asking to join a cohort, and the others are pretty full, so we’re making another.

You can find more info on the cohort here: https://tropicalchancer.github.io/projectus/ . Mainly, the cohort is a smaller community of people who share the same goals. You’ll be in a group with people all over the world working on FCC together, as well as get some experience working on group projects and pair programming. Friendships, level-ups and hijinks ensue.

TO JOIN EMAIL ME AT chinguftw@gmail.com or message me on here.

To give some context, I’ll paste my original post from last week:

A few months ago, I got accepted and went through the precourse section at a popular coding bootcamp. I ended up deciding to pursue FCC instead, but I miss the small community I had in the bootcamp precourse slack group.
If anyone is interested in joining a small cohort of people going through FCC, let me know. I’m on the API part of the Front-End section, but I’m open to making a slack group for any level if people are interested.
I’m looking forward to hanging out and coding! .


Hi @tropicalchancer this is an awesome idea. Some campers have been asking for cohorts.

My operating theory so far has been that FCC is a “flash cohort” with whomever you happen to be talking to in chat, on the forum, or at an FCC event. But I can totally understand some campers wanting a more traditional cohorted experience.

We aren’t in a position to incorporate this sort of thing into FCC any time soon (it could be years, if ever). So I am thrilled that you’ve taken the initiative to create it.

I’m interested in hearing how it goes. If your first cohort works out, or if you learn any major lessons from the process, let me know. We may be able to publish a retrospective on our Medium publication :slight_smile:


This is a great initivative @tropicalchancer !

Even though I enjoy socializing on gitter during my breaks, it feels like I get side tracked sometimes due to so many campers over there with different questions. I still want to keep that factor of helping others, but don’t want that it would stand in my path of moving forward at a decent pace. These cohorts seem like an ideal place for that to tackle some challenging problems together. So I am totally up for it myself, sign me up please! :slight_smile:

I’m currently doing Front End challenges and haven’t missed a single day in the past two weeks. These brownie points and day streaks are somewhat addictive. :stuck_out_tongue: My pace will drop though over the coming weeks as I progress to area that I am not familiar with and since my university will resume by the end of this month. So I would love to be a member of a part-time effort level cohort and hopefully find some other campers that would strive towards the Full Stack development certificate with me. :wink:

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As one of the cohort members I have to say it’s helped me greatly! The FCC Gitter chat is nice but it’s great to have a smaller tight-knit group that you can get to know better and code with.

It has been a blast working on the side project we started and getting to know everyone! Coding + occasional banter and going off on tangents = success!

Thank you @tropicalchancer for setting this up :slight_smile:


Please add me into any available slack group (shavenchew@yahoo.com).

Is this still running? If so, i’d be really interested in joining but i’m still an amateur. Who should i talk with for more information?

Hello! Just send an email to chinguftw@gmail.com :slight_smile:

Hey puntje!

I agree 100%. There’s something so satisfying/ addicting about going on learning streaks. You mentioned your pace will naturally drop over the coming weeks as it gets harder, but if you can make a habit of coding everyday or at least spending some attention on a hard challenge everyday, that energy from consistently working towards something will still stay there. A habit is a beautiful and powerful thing :slight_smile:

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I’m a bit confused over what is actually expected from someone in a ‘cohort’

Hi diomed,

At this point, and it’s still a bit of an experiment to see what works and what doesn’t, there aren’t really any specific “expectations” for someone who joins. It’s just a smaller community of people coding and working towards similar goals. Some people are really involved, some people less so and maybe watch instead. There are group side-projects that you can get involved in, but don’t have to. If you have a small question and are a bit intimidated by asking a large group of people, it’s good for that too.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

Missed my chance the first thread, sent an email this time. Thanks for setting this up!

you say ‘similar goals’ but how do we know what goals are similar?
we’ll probably learn that once we’re in a ‘cohort’ or what???

As an example, two goals I think anyone hanging out on the FCC forums probably share are: “get better at coding” and “eventually get a job in programming”. And then there are some less obvious and more spontaneous ones people connect on once they get to know people who share those goals, like “I want to code games” or “I’d like to get better at Russian as well as code”.

Glad to have you aboard, drregg6!

“I’d like to get better at Russian as well as code.”

Да! This is definitely me :smiley:

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please add me to front end cohort .mail id pavankrcr15@gmail.com

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Hi QuincyLarson,

Thanks a lot for the message and support. And absolutely, I’d love to chat about the cohort sometime. :slight_smile:

(side thanks for being such a great human and creating Free Code Camp)


Great idea. I emailed you.

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Yes @Getawitcha it’s still running! It will be starting tomorrow, so just send me a message with your email and you’ll be added to the group!

Hi pavankrcr,

Thanks and you should receive your invite later today!