Seeking eager campers to join FCC cohort

A few months ago, I got accepted and went through the precourse section at a popular coding bootcamp. I ended up deciding to pursue FCC instead, but I miss the small community I had in the bootcamp precourse slack group.

If anyone is interested in joining a small cohort of people going through FCC, let me know. I’m on the API part of the Front-End section, but I’m open to making a slack group for any level if people are interested.

For more info, check out and email me( the cohort you want to join, or message me on here.

I’m looking forward to hanging out and coding!


Cool idea OP. I think working more closely with others will be really helpful. Email sent.

Great to hear. You’ll have a slack-invite tomorrow!

This sounds very interesting. Can you provide more information. What would be the amount of time needed to be a part of the part-time cohort and what does it entail?

Thank you,

Hey perssonalities,

There’s no time rules or pressure to participate a certain amount or anything like that. It’s just a place for people to get to know fellow coders, share resources, questions, experiences, etc., but in a smaller setting. Maybe even build some stuff as a group!

Hope that gives you a better idea. Any more questions feel free to ask!

I’d like to join as well. I’m an absolute beginner so I’m wondering if there are going to be subsections for the front end + full time, like basic JavaScript?

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I am definitely interested in this. I kinda get lost with all the forum posts. Can you explain the difference between full-time and part-time. I would assume treat the time requirements like you would a job, but for those who already have a full-time job, would it be better to join the part-time cohort even if we are extremely eager and want to do full-time?

Ya I think the part-time is the best idea overall, especially from the feedback I’ve received. My hope is that, even for the part-time one, we’ll motivate each other.

Part-time is good. It still leaves us time to work on our individual challenges while working together on a group challenge.

Ideally you’d want everyone to be around the same place, but I also think there’s an advantage to having a bit of diversity in levels, as people at a lower level might be able to improve faster, and from the higher level perspective, one of the best ways to solidify what you know is to teach others.

I think for now it would be better to come up with some idea of the project to work on together - and people who got interested in will join you =) But that’s a great idea, anyway. I would be happy to participate in some collective project.

That’s a great idea kurumkan. I think posting a project idea in the forum and having people come together to work on it is awesome, but not everyone feels comfortable or extroverted enough to just jump right in (myself included). I’m hoping the cohort will both be another resource for people to learn while doing FCC, but also a spot to make friends and build stuff together.

So far everyone has been super friendly and awesome. You’re definitely welcome to join and suggest/join a side project if you want.

Sounds good. We need to organize it somehow/ And get from ‘what’ to ‘how’. Anywat - I am in!

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Welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

Are the cohorts time-bound? It seems that that could drive better engagement. If there’s a specific start and stop, there’s an impetus to get more out of it. I’ve found open-ended events can leave people wondering how much work they need to do and how quickly.

I’m interested in the PT front end cohort.

I’m interested in the cohort. I’m stuck with my projects as i don’t have as much of a guideline as with the challenges. Looking for feedback and such :slight_smile: it’d be great if you had a slot free to try it out.

I’m interested! This is a good idea. Sending email…

Awesome this sounds like a great idea… just sent an e-mail

Sounds interesting. Email sent.