Just got my March Cohort email!

Just got my invitation for the March Cohort, really looking forward to starting! So far my journey on FCC has been mainly solo, but can’t wait to make cool stuff with others here. Thanks @tropicalchancer for doing all this!


Happy to hear you’re excited @chemok78!

This is going to be the first cohorts where we use the SHINY NEW COHORT ORGANIZER SYSTEM (developed by @Trion during his python and machine-learning adventures! ).

Also, here’s a sneak peak clue at one of the March cohort names: http://giphy.com/gifs/flamingo-sLVPEzWMkYwcU


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Got mine as well and am pretty excited, even more so after seeing that Flamingo GIF, haha. I can only imagine how awesome the other March cohort names will be ;D

Kudos @tropicalchancer (and team) for taking the time and effort to make all this possible.


HAHA that flamingo :sunglasses:

ok very curious to see the work of @Trion, lately interested in machine learning as well!


im in as well



What does a cohort mean in FCC? Is it a new program?

hi @danilo. Have a look here and if you have any further questions, feel free to DM me. https://tropicalchancer.github.io/projectus/

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Love the idea @tropicalchancer! Is there a coding level requirement to get into a cohort? The landing page is cool and all but def has a lot of potential for improvements :smiley:

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haha you do not lie @danilo. To be honest, several months ago I had been building up the courage for a few weeks to try to start up the cohorts and my mental trick to not actually do it was to “perfect the website first”. Then one Sunday afternoon I told myself it was now or never and if I didn’t have something patched together by that night I wasn’t going to do it. Thus, the cohort website :stuck_out_tongue:.

A camper has recently (and very graciously) revamped the code and even added a wee backend for some crafty and wonderful admin features, but the design is a project beckoning life.

As for coding level requirements, none - though there are commitment level requirements (and the two tend to coincide).

Feel free to sign up or shoot me an email for further questions. Cheers.


Woo! Me too! :slight_smile: Looking forward to working with you all!


Same here, can’t wait to meet everyone :smiley:



Thank you, @tropicalchancer!


A walk in the park to answer on that. :slight_smile:

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Me too! I’m pretty psyched.

My mental state re my coding has been all over the map in the past few weeks.

  1. I just hit my one year anniversary of starting to work on learning coding. Last February I was like, “OK, maybe learning on my own will take more than the 3 months of Iron Yard or Hack Reactor, but maybe I could have a job in, like, a year!” Now I feel like I’m still 25% or less of the way to anything I could imagine wanting to hire for a “real” job (just starting React). I’ve been putzing along giving coding sometimes 10, sometimes .001 hours per week. It’s progress, but now I’m kind of freaking out: is it going to take 4 years? 6?
  2. When I applied to the cohorts, I asked Chance if there was a “slowpokes cohort” for folks like me with 10hrs or less per week to putz along together. I mean, I have day jobs and kids, and there ain’t but so much time…
  3. But since then I’ve gotten into a mindset of being even more willing to kick it up a notch and make sacrifices. Like maybe actually quit one of the three jobs. And tell my girls to make their own dang PB&Js. I don’t want to take four years.
  4. So yeeha cohorts!

By the way, if anybody would like to join me on some joint accountability stuff even before the kickoff date: I’m planning to work on Wes Bos’s free 30-day vanilla JS challenge (though maybe knocking off once the cohorts start in favor of cohort projects), and would appreciate others to all chime in and say “I did this today” or “I didn’t get to it.”


He actually wrote a medium article on the process @chemok78. If you’re interested you can check it out here: https://medium.com/chingu/sorting-cohort-applicants-into-new-cohorts-using-machine-learning-9f730d5ce5c#.y0q1u6gys


Sorry the truth tea spilled over so quickly @tropicalchancer! :grin: Real good work on this idea though. Would love to help once I get more advanced knowledge on front end dev! Will sign up.

thanks for the link, great work! If any projects you have we can help you let me know. See if can help out

So cool. I had no ideas these existed. Thank you for sharing! I just applied!

I am in too!
This is going to be fun :slight_smile: