Who else is looking forward to the March Cohort?

Hello everyone,

NOTE: This is partially a reply to my friend as we speak via linkedin, so my wording may sound a little off:

Nothing has changed much since the above mentioned. I’m still here:

You mentioned “evaluating my degree in computer science.” I’m upset that I didn’t study Computer Science in the first place, but I’m going through that process now.

NOTE: This is not a spoiler (read on)…
I went into the first interview 2 days ago within Per Scholas and the test was about Programming in a perspective, to have an object or character move in the direction(s) you need it to go through, step by step, based on commands and the use of functions (to repeat certain commands). It’s easy if you’ve been practicing code for some time. And strangely enough, the test is based on something I put my daughter on for kids are learning to program. So I’m so grateful for I indirectly prepared myself as I taught another (looking forward to doing more of that here and there).

My next interview is with the Panel from General Assembly, tomorrow. I put it upon myself to go to GA’s meeting they had last night that spoke about their program (the program after the 4-5 weeks with Per Scholas’ CodeBridge program). I was the first to be there, as passionate as I am for coding, and I spoke to others coming in and I asked them “Do you know of Free Code Camp?” before the speaker(s) showed up. Some either barely knew (or) had no clue (or) heard from another about it, but have not put in the time to see for themselves or briefly looked into it. (Last sentence reminded me of an if / else if / else, LOL).

I even asked the speakers (of the GA meeting) at the end of their talk, if they heard about Free Code Camp…

Reading and hearing from other programmers, I’ve been told how it doesn’t matter the programming language, for there are similarities, but to know the basics within a programming language (my focus is within JavaScript right now) is what leads to advance levels within other programming languages because the ‘syntax’ is similar. So you need to know the basics to create it within advance levels. Latest statement from a programmer (Stefan Mischook) I follow on youtube. Dont worry, he states there is no wrong programming language:

What I told a friend of mine directly:
What I’m telling you is what I’m going through right now. Find your spare time within forum.freecodecamp.com Search for questions on your mind or ask a question and you’ll get an answer, or many, back.

Finally, the last thing the speaker representing General Assembly mentioned about Cohorts briefly. Light bulb came on. For Free Code Camp has Cohorts set up periodically to either:

  • accelerate learning from programmers above ones level
  • help fellow programmers; as it reinforces ones personal knowledge
  • create with fellow programmer(s), working as a team remotely via Github, etc.
    —> gaining the real world experience; what employers are looking for within ones resume

Somewhere in my letter to my friend:
…whatever you are doing, the employer is expecting to ‘see what have done recently, both on ones own and in a team environment’.

I’ve been curious to join a Cohort for a while but had no clue until I put in the time to find out thus far, briefly via some detail from the dictionary (as I always keep that app open on my laptop) at first, when I read about someone asking ‘who wants to join this cohort?’ and the replies that came in, this was within the above Guide link. (and not regretting that I’m not in one right now, for there are reasons for that whether I know it (as I’m focused on YDKJS, etc) or not). Another reason for delay was my thoughts towards the higher level of “wait, I’ve worked in team environments before (related and non related to Web Development), but I have no clue on Agile, little back-end knowledge, etc.”

With that said, if it was not for getting into Per Scholas (as I look forward to the final interview placement within the school) and then into General Assembly, my “full focus” would be (as it still is and will continue to be) within Free Code Camp; again within this guide:

Additionally what I told my friend:
P.S. what I have written to you I will post some parts, what I’m going through, within FCC for their opinion on my choice with going back to school (Boot Camp), as it seems like I’m literally in a back to school / work environment already (w/ FCC); at least looking forward to that process as I practice using Github, going through YDKJS, reinforcing my skills with HTML5/CSS3, etc.

Then again, I’ve read from others who went to Boot Camps and I know for a fact that this journey is never ending and the Boot Camp is further knowledge and practice from 9-5 (and during my spare time)

I’m looking forward to dive into a Cohort soon (March). I’m familiar with the next step to send email for it to… Let me double check here:

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