freeCodeCamp Meetup Group in North Georgia

I am looking for members in North Georgia who would like to meetup and do some collaborating or want to share ideas. Please join my group on Facebook and let me know of a mutual area in North Georgia where you would like to meetup. Meet up times good for me are Monday - Thursday after 4 pm EST and Friday - Sunday noon to about 4 PM EST start time.

Here is the link to the Facebook group:

I look forward to seeing you there and possibly meeting some of you soon!

Can people who are NOT there in that location also join? :smiley: like a guest or something :3 anyways I sent request ^w^

Well the idea is for people who live in the same area to get together in a mutual location to collaborate or swap ideas. So I would like everyone joining able to be physically present at the meetups.

Have you checked this list for existing ‘campsites’? You may find a group that already serves this purpose, or can at least find others in neighbouring areas that might also be interested in a new one you create:

ik rip I thought it would be nice, like if my area people and your area people had code fights etc… :smiley: well that’s a nice idea, but you’ve gotta grow your strengths :3

FCC HYD has a decent amount of 140 people on gitter, but we tend to be on the move so we have a whatsapp account with 2-3 times the number of gitter people

Thank you for that! It does help and I found a city that is close to me. I’m going to keep my group up just in case there are others that are close to my region that want to get together.

If you get any traction with it, you should let @hallaathrad know - he kinda oversees all the groups.

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Hi there, I was trying to join the group through the link but the link is no longer viable.
Have you found other groups located in North GA?