Calling people living in England

Local groups seem to be a lot more available in America, I have searched around but can’t find many in England. I was wondering if there were any users of Free Code Camp in the south east of England who are interested in meeting somewhere to discuss all things coding and work hunting related. Even just people who are in England who would like email communication comment below and we can talk.

Sure! I’ve been meaning to try and find someone to do some pairwise coding!

Does Chelmsford count? :slight_smile:

That’s a bit far, I’m Portsmouth based myself. I’m sure if there is enough interest on this post we can arrange and online chat group to talk ideas, swap tips and evaluate each others work. Good to see a couple people pop up already!

Hey there man! Ive recently joined as a newbie, I was searching for people from england too. glad i found this post ! :smiley:

Hey, I’m Sheffield based - but interested in a chat group!

Is there any way we can make a private group chat where we can talk and help one another through coding ?

Glad to see there is some interest here! I have found a website which has free membership where we could possibly chat. I’ll message those here already and any people who fancy chatting just pop a message here and I will contact you!

I am in Cambridge and would be interested

I just logged in to actually ask the same question. I’m in Durham City in the North East.


im based in Manchester , not exactly down south but i wouldn’t mind a web chat if and when possible.

I will message you both a link to a group

I’m based in Reading and would love to do the same :slight_smile:

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I’m based in Reading myself @iampeterbanjo :slight_smile: Would be good to have a local meet-up

Count me in, based in Cirencester. Be good to have locals to collaborate with

Sure thing. I can easily get to the town centre. How about you @Dude1983 ?

Hey @iampeterbanjo - i can also come into town Center easily. What days / times work best for you?

I am in London. :smiley: Looking forward to meet you somewhere around here.

Im in Leicester but joining the group chat would be ideal.

Did anyone get a group chat started up?

I am in London and have just signed up, looking to start FCC asap