New coders in New York group


Looking for people to code with!

My name is Tova, a 22 year old Swede who lives in the West Village. I started to code a few month ago and I am really liking it! Even though I have hopes of working with design and advertising and see coding as a great knowledge to have.
I am no expert by any means but it’s going better and better, and, I believe it could go even better if I had people to code with. Right now I code from home or at the ACE hotel when I can with hopes of someone being like “hey! I code too! Wanna hang?” That haven’t happened yet…maybe because of my beats headphones… Maybe this is a better way to find fellow coders in New York city.

So, beginners, pros and everyone in between looking for a group to code, drink coffee and exchange ideas with, stop looking! Lets create one!

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I don’t live in the immediate NYC area (live in suffolk), but I travel back and forth in my free time. I’m game to meet up with other coders. I don’t know any locally.

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Thank you for your response. I didn’t see this until now…
How often do you come into the city?
What do you do for a living?
Would be great to form a little group !


New coder here. I live in NYC (Brooklyn, to be specific). I’m down to hang out whenever.

I’ll join up once I move to NYC, but it won’t be for a month or two. If you’ve got a Facebook account, check out the directory of FreeCodeCamp local groups. Also, check out Meetup. You can either create a new group, or join one that’s already got some members.

Hey I’m over in Astoria but I go to Hunter College so I’m in Manhattan a lot. I’m majoring in Computer Science but doing FreeCodeCamp in my free time, our curriculum doesn’t give us much in the way of web design and modern tech. I was doing music way back.

Do you go to school here? Do you live here permanently or temporarily?

This is a cool idea btw…A NYC group would be amazing!


I work here as a model and have an internship at Vendor DB. Live here permanently in West Village.
And yes, would be awesome to create a group in New York. Hopefully we can get this going with a meet up once or twice a month at least to start with.

These days I don’t go as often because I’m pretty much always coding, but usually it’s once a week.
I was an anthropology student but it was in no way fulfilling so I turned to coding and loved it!

This is a chat thread about NYC, I’ll post this thread in there too. Let’s see if we could all get something happening

Hey there! I am also native to the New York area. I recently got my desire to code again and I am looking for as many projects as possible! so let me know if you want to hook up!


I actually just moved from NYC to NJ for the time being (I left my job in sales to pursue learning to code full time so I’m staying by my parents to save money for now)… But I’m in NYC all the time for friends and events and stuff and if I end up doing an in-person coding camp I’ll rent a place there while I do it. Either way though, I’d definitely like to meet up with this coding group or you, or anyone else who’d like to meet up. I’m fully dedicated to learning to code and starting a new career and I think starting a group (in-person) would be great for everyone involved. Feel free to contact me.

Hey Everyone,

Theres already a few meetups posted in the NY FCC FB group,

Also posted a message to the organizer’s pinned post if she’d be interested in starting a a Gitter/Slack for a cohort (among the in-person meetup) thats focused on one or all of P1xt’s learning paths.

If anyone else here is interested, just reply back here and on her facebook pinned post.

The cohort really seems to be the real deal, like being part of a $3000 or more bootcamp (actually even better,reminds me of the recurse center),

My name is Alamgir Hossain, 23 years old I live in Brooklyn I have been in software industry for about 3 years and I worked as QA Tester with Suntrust Bank VA, I recently started learning how to code and I am really very serious about it, if anyone wants to code together I think it will be great.

Hi fellow NY coders! I recently joined and have been plowing through these tutorials in hopes I can start building websites and all that good stuff to pivot from my current full time job.

yoo yooo yooo i hope your coding is going well im not there but im down to be buds

I just remembered posting here after randomly seeing the ACE hotel on Yelp a few weeks ago and thinking it looked awesome.

So turns out theres already a Gitter for FCC NYC, where I just posted the same request:

as well as the Queens page:

If people are too busy to meet up in person regularly I think chatting on Gitter or our own Slack/Discord for group-studying/pair programming or hopefully eventually some sort of group project (have a few ideas myself, so maybe we could do a poll) is a good alternative.

I already joined one early this year from the r/LearnProgramming subreddit but it appears to have been shut down, theres still other communities like DevChat but I was hoping to make one which is tied with a in-person meet up. (So something in-between the informal Coffee & Code meet ups in the city and the more involved Chingu Cohorts groups)

I was hoping someone more experienced would be able to start up a group like this, (I’m almost an absolute beginner and going through a introductory Python book, with only some incomplete Front-end challenge work done from earlier this year, and some Codecademy stuff from 2 to 3 godforsaken years ago.)

But if no ones able or willing to because of time or work constraints, I’ll be ready to tackle it later this week or next, or hopefully sooner.

If OP or anyone who replied is interested just get back to me on here for now.