I need someone to code with me

Hello fellow campers,

Whenever i code, i feel very lonely.
I try to make friendship with some of my coding friends, but they too have busy timetable.
Is there anybody for me to collb and code or tips to overcome the loneliness.


I feel like coding is a lonely job most of the time. But it’s always better to find someone to do projects with. I’m afraid doing this online with people you don’t really now is not that easy. But there are a lot of platforms like this where you can ask questions and get recommendations.

With time you may encounter with great people all around the world. In the mean time I suggest you try to find someone who lives nearby or you know personally and start a project with them


I can’t really do projects with anyone because i’m not very good myself, but I’m here if you ever want to just talk about what’s getting you down or bored with coding. I feel I have exactly the right qualification for hearing those kind of complaints as I can absolutely relate.


there are people streaming their progress through the curriculum, there are coding groups forming everyday…

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Oh! Thanks all for your answer @ilenia, @mert-yurt, @codeofdreams

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i perfectly understand what you are going through as i have been in the same position myself. but what i do is reach out to other programmers and tell them my journey so far and what i recently learnt and listen to there advice.

it makes me feel much better and i get to correct my mistakes if any.

Hope this helps relieving you of feeling lonely as you at least have someone to lean on or share your experience with.

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Hey @emmex!
Thank for your reply and welcome to the Forum!

Can i contact you to join with me?

sure you can. let build together!


Can you please name a few of them? Or may be you can recommend one to me.

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I would not know, there are a few posts per month of groups forming, and people streaming can be found with a research I think

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I’ll code with you. Need the extra help. Since I am in my first year of coding.

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Can we???
I’m a beginner.

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Even i’m at same stage i’m beginner too, working on web development.
i can join…


I noticed that when even you talk to other students or write what you know, that helps you think and remember later. I am learning MERN ReactJS Full Stack website technology, what are you learning?


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me too. what language(s) r u interested in? I’m learning JavaScript, React, MERN fullstack. I’ll be glad to code projects with anyone who’s interested. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Me too! I’m doing the web development. So far Im on getting the first certificate which is learning html and css.

what kind of certificate?

I just completed my javascript basics , what part of JavaScript is required to learn ReactJs.

Responsive web design certificate. I’m down to 2 project. :slight_smile: Then I can move on to the other which Is javascript

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What a good idea to establish a study group. It would be good to see each other’s logic when it comes to programming and learning English as well. And also to learn how to use Git Hub collaboratively. We could create a repository and work together. How about imitating a site? Or following the content of a book? From the curriculum I know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and SASS.