Need a Friend! To learn How code!

i need a friend with him/her i can do projects , learn to code , and match progress along the way so that i get motivated couz learning to code on ur own is too frustrating. any age, gander, religion, region,race is welcomed and hopeful make a discord server specifically for the beginners like me to hangout and code there . looking forward to meed some good folks . (sory my eng is very bad and its my first time writing in forum plz ignore mistakes and keep an eye on good stuff )
Here is my discord for Campers this channel is new i dont know much about discord this channle is like web page with out css REDACTED

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You probably shouldn’t post your email address here. These pages are indexed.

You can ask those interested to message you on the forum. Refrain from posting your email on forums next time as @ArielLeslie pointed out, they are indexed.

I sent you a message, check your inbox. There are usually FCC meet ups in the city you live in. I’ve never been to one yet, but they do have them. I found them on Facebook a while ago, and followed the page. That might help you too.


Just wanted to ask if some of the meetups that you were talking about take place in the since i would like to go to them too and help myself


I can help direct you if you need help. What is your ability, how long have you been coding and do you have goal you’re trying to meet?

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no there is none for pakistan. i guess . well thanks for reply

well i have many big things in mind but they need collective knowledge to archive that GOAL but currently i am trying to learn web dev for a start couz that seems an easy thing to start with and FREECODECAMP offers premium courses without asking for anything in return , I am glad that u offed help well i dont hv any specialty yet or so far just a beginner looking for a friend with same kind of knowledge which is 0 and motivated to learn so we both or as a team can compare results and hopefully do something in future (sorry for my bad English and spells) . if u can offer me a FRiendship i will be honored .

We can be friends. A little about me: I have over 10 years of professional web dev and design experience. Currently I am mastering the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, ReactJS, NodeJS) because I prefer Javascript, however I have more expertise in LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)

If you have any questions I can help point you in the right direction.

10 years !!! thats alot i am surprised . i am out of words

i am currently learning this "Applied Visual design " and i completed it but i am not satisfied with it it was just looking and putting the changes there i did learn something but not as many as i should i think there should be a project at the end of each main topic like this after Applied Visual design they should require to submit a project about Applied Visual design course so that we practice and put some head into it. like there are many motion controls and color schemes and sudo elements and much more i forgot LOLZ see thats wht i am talking about as we move forward we forgot . what do u suggest keeping this in a microscope of ur 10yrs of experience

I want a friend to learn with too. Been learning for a month now. Currently working on the responsive web design projects. I just finished building the product landing page. Not so great though. I think we can help each other. We would also need someone with experience.

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I could use a dev buddy or two. I’m almost at the “Applied Accessibility” section so far, I plan to start that some time today. I do have some fun side projects to help me wrap my mind around some of the concepts better. Check them out:

  1. I’m working on 3d transforms right now so I built this 3d cuge simple 3d cube

  2. then I decided to go bigger so I built this 3d house, it’s not pretty but it helped me understand 3d transitions a little better 3d house

  3. then I built a simple parallax design using only css simple css parallax. I’m currently working on a more practical version of this parallax design.

  4. I also built this carousel using only css css carousle. I’m looking forward to building a better version of this one.

I’m alos new here, I helped out for the first time last night and it felt great to help someone out.


thanks PM me so we can start working

thanks PM me so we can start working… there is too much tat need to be learned

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