I need Friends For Coding

Hey people! This is a short post.

I am a moderate coder but I am getting stuck in the world of study. That is why I am looking for people of all levels of knowledge to do some things, study, help each other or simply be friends (like say in the title :rofl:)

Have a nice day!


You’ve got a few thousand right here. Stop by whenever you can. Share your knowledge with new coding students and come for help or just discussion (related to programming, technology, etc).



That’s what this community is for :grin:!

Most of us get stuck at some point, and that’s when we come to the community to learn and teach. Whenever you have a problem, come to the forum and I’m sure someone will be able to point you in the right direction, give you a resource to read or any other help :slight_smile:.

Thanks for the reply! If anyone is interested in making stuff using HTML5 count with me! :blush:

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I’m interested. Something I’ve wanted to do but have had trouble getting started with is contributing to open source projects. Perhaps we could find a project and start making PRs, it would be great way to get real world learning opportunities.

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Sounds great! I tried to open GitHub and search some newbie projects to contribuite but when you tried alone it’s intimidating.

If you find any interesting project, send me a message or reply this thread :blush:. I will help you in anything I can :+1:

Hi again!

I found a good resource for beginner open source contributors. I’m still processing through it (and the sites it links to) but would like to share:

I hope it helps,

@GuilleMartinez and @andrewsmith289,

There’s a very good guide on free code camp github about how to start contributing too. Check this guide out (it’s one of the resources on github)


I’m always down for friends who are working towards a similar path as me! :smile: PM me so we can connect on social media?

I just made a reddit for the same reason lol. I always lurk on there, never really post though. Trying to build that network! :smiley:

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Great! I will check it soon.

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Hi, can you connect me with this mail id m.dhanashekaran202@gmail.com happy to work with friends and learn coding. Right now i am also feeling the same way as you do.

Excelent! This week I will try to create some Discord server or something to stay in contact with all of you.

Hope you join and also have great time making stuff!

Waiting for the moment

Yes please! I feel the exact same way, as a complete newbie, I really need a community where someone would just review my code and point out my mistakes. I get the feeling stackoverflow isnt much beginner friendly…Looking forward to that discord server

im up for weekends if youd like, i have to admit i havent coded in a while but i would love to do a project with you. How do you intend to communicate, though? I dont remember any “friend” option on FCC but if there is add me.

see you soon,

edit: just realised there will be a discord

This is the Discord Server Invitation - The Programming Shire Enter and say hello! :smile:

See you soon!


hii. Is it too late to join you guys ?

Hello! Never is late, feel free to join us :smile: