HELP : Development Role

Hi community,
I’m looking for someone experienced in the field of Development to guide me through the initial path towards choosing an open-source project and making contribution.
Would be happy to do pair programming.
I’m a novice, if you care to check out my programming practice. Check my GitHub account:
Link to my GitHub account.

why not contribute to freeCodeCamp?

You can find everything about contributing to Free Code Camp in the contributing docs.


Thank you @ilenia . I did my little research about the contributing procedure to the @freeCodeCamp Github codebase. I am excited about it. It would be helpful if you could give me some advice about the same.
Thank you again!

you are really vague about what advices you want

I can tell you this: if you get stuck in the installation process, the #contributors subforum here or the channel on the discord server are useful for help
you can also ask there if you have any doubts on how stuff works.

Also, to avoid any bother (and other reasons), I just work on GitPod