I need an advise in my next job

Hi! I’m new at coding and I’m very excited and trying my best to learn. My goal is to make money with the webdev so I can take care of my family. :smile:

I want to gain some real-life experience at coding, but I remember once that I saw that you could start with and open source or doing some small Freelance works.

So my questions are:

    1.- How can I join an Open Source to contribute? I can help if I only know HTML and CSS ? (PD: I'm stil learning JS :grimacing: ) 2-. Is it posibble to get some small Freelance works with only this knowledge? 3-. How much do you recomend for me to start offering my skills? Assuming it's only on HTML and CSS,

Thank you so much for reading. I’ll wait for your answers ! :wink:

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Free Code Camp is open source! Look at our issues and search for “first-timers-only”.

Better yet, read How to land your first open source contribution, from your browser, in 15 minutes