Idea - feedback request

Hi FreeCodeCamp people!

FreeCodeCamp is a great project and a wonderful community. I’ve observed it for some time and thought it is a good moment to become a more active participant.
I would like to request some feedback from your side on the idea I came up recently and I’m trying to bring to life.

Here it goes:
I want to create a platform, where people could learn through contributions to Open Source. The idea is simple: there are people who need help with their OS projects, don’t have the time to tackle all of feature requests, bugs etc. On the other hand, there are people who are entering the tech world and might want to gain some experience and/or learn a specific technlogy. Those two groups could work together. Project authors (actually anyone who is interested in getting a certain bug or feature implemented) could create tasks (e.g. in a form of a GitHub issue) with some extra context, mark the issue with a tag which describes the level of complexity (easy, medium, hard) and commit to answer relevant questions (how to configure your dev env, maybe some questions about the technology), do code reviews etc. Such tasks could be picked up by someone who e.g. is interested in learning a particular technology, but might need some help to get startd.

I think there is a lot of value in this and a lot can be learnt in pairing with more senior people.

What do you think? Would you like to take part (either as an author or as contributor) in such a thing?
Is it a good/fair deal from your point of view? It is a bit like exchanging knowledge/experience for time :slight_smile:

If this got you interested, please let me know. We are preparing some initial tasks, which could be already picked up.



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It is a nice idea. It can help lot of developers :slight_smile:

Hi Prasad!

Thanks for the feedback! Would you be interested to work on some OS tasks this way (i.e. with help/guidance from someone with more experience)? If yes - let me know what tech you might be interested in.
There are no strings attached - if you decide at any point its not for you, or you don’t have time for it, you can just unassign yourself from the GitHub (or GitLab) issue :slight_smile:


Sounds really interesting! Could you write something more about the tasks? I would like to try, what should I do next?

I was able to find a project along similar lines.

Yes I would like to contribute. I am good with Frontend Tech. Could you share more details regarding the project ?


Thanks for replies!

@AdityaVT: yes, it looks very similar, I need to explore it - maybe I can actually join forces with the original authors…

@taangela: in general I would like to create a place where you could browse through many different tasks/projects/technologies/difficulty levels and just pick whatever looks interesting for you. We are just starting now: so most of the tasks would come from my own OS projects (which are mostly Python, Java and Scala). If there are any particular projects/technologies you would be interested in - let me know, and I’ll try to reach out to authors or maybe one of my friends would be able to provide some interesting tasks in their projects.

Regarding next steps: please let me know (maybe in some private message) what is the best way to contact you, what tech/difficulty you would be interested in and we will try to take it from there.

I want to have a webpage launched within next few weeks which would make it more streamlined, but don’t hesitate to contact me earlier :slight_smile:

@Prasad: I’m not too experienced with frontend myself, but I can try to find someone who could pair with you. Are you interested in any particular framework (like Vue, React etc)?


Ok. I am interested to work with Angular JS and Vue JS. I have messaged you in private to discuss next steps. Please check message :slight_smile:

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