Any interest / plans in a freeCodeCamp version of

I’ve used that resource a number of times and found it very helpful and worthwhile, but also expensive!

I was wondering if there were any interest in a free, volunteer based version of that service, here at the Code Camp?

I’d be interested in both volunteering for and using such a service.

What are your thoughts?

I mean… that’s pretty much what the forum is? Whenever you have questions or need help, you can ask here. Whoever is qualified to help you will do so. We have students here who are learning by guiding newer students as well as getting guidance. We have professional developers. We have professional educators. We have passionate hobbyists. And we love to help.


Yes and i appreciate it! I should have been more descriptive. One of the things i really liked about that service was the one on one session with video and screen share and doing it live.

But i suppose we could always share video session URLs here as well.

It can be hard to find someone online at the same time as you who is willing and able to do a screenshare type of thing, but if you have a particularly gnarly problem you can always ask here and on the Discord and figure out together how best to work together (video chat, collaborative coding environment, etc).

I doubt that there is likely to be a dedicated platform for matching up for that sort of thing, at least any time soon. Generally we’ve found that we can help people the most by being an asynchronous platform and by practicing a “learn in public” model, but sometimes people will pair off to work something through together DMs or outside tools.

This makes sense, the “learning in public” model is a great way to phrase it. Thanks for info and reply Ariel!