Peer Learning Group

Hey FreeCodeCampers,

I’ve never really found that I fit the lone coder stereotype. I’d much rather learn while being surrounded with others who are taking the same journey as me. Universities and Bootcamps seem to see the value in learning with others at every opportunity but when you’re teaching yourself how to code that seems a bit hard to achieve.

So with that in mind I’m quite keen to set up a study group over Skype (or a related technology) with a bunch of like-minded individuals where we can consolidate knowledge together, bounce ideas off each other and maybe even come up with a project to work on.

Drop me a message with your email address and I’ll add you to the Slack group :)!


my email is

Hey Richard,

That’s great you’re taking initiative to find others to study/code with.

Chingu cohorts might be what you’re looking for. It’s been recommended here on the forums for awhile. Good luck!

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Hey ellereeee thanks for the advice! I’ve applied for their next cohort :).

It’s not against forum policy or anything, but it’s a bad idea to leave your email in plain text out on the internet. You may want to leave communication to private messaging and exchange emails there. Up to you though.