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Hey FreeCodeCampers,

I’ve never really found that I fit the lone coder stereotype. I’d much rather learn while being surrounded with others who are taking the same journey as me. Universities and Bootcamps seem to see the value in learning with others at every opportunity but when you’re teaching yourself how to code that seems a bit hard to achieve.

So with that in mind I’m quite keen to set up a study group over Skype (or a related technology) with a bunch of like-minded individuals where we can consolidate knowledge together, bounce ideas off each other and maybe even come up with a project to work on.

Drop me a message or comment below with your name, where you’re at in your journey and let’s do some coding :)!



I’d be down for this, my name is Chris and I’ve been coding for about 2 years now (as a hobby) but I decided to become a web developer and I thought that this website would be good for that.

Im down. Currently doing front end projects. Could move to back end but im working on a CSS Library. After I finish that im gonna jump right into backend.

Thanks for your replies.

Looks like I don’t have the option of sending you both a private message so would you mind dropping me a line at



Hey ItsRoyal, never got an email from you :slight_smile:

If you guys are interested in joining a Front-End Community…please go to and sign up to this community and drop all your questions there.

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Thanks man, signed up now waiting to be added :slight_smile:

didnt see that my bad

No problem! Just shoot me an email when you get the chance and I’ll add you.