Looking for a buddy

I’m looking for a buddy to bounce ideas off and train along with while working through the freeCodeCamp curriculum - perhaps someone who’s in the same boat as me or at the same point in their journey. It’s a bit of a lonely task doing it remotely instead of in a class!

I’m part-way through the freeCodeCamp JavaScript module at the moment. I decided to spend more time understanding JS better having previously completed the HTML5, CSS3 and JS sections of the Complete Web Development 2021 Bootcamp provided by Udemy.com - and have paused that for now.

I’m thinking of going back to the beginning of freeCodeCamp’s course and working through the HTML5 and CSS elements after finishing the JS section.

Any thoughts or suggestions gratefully received.


Hello @danjobloch, welcome to freeCodeCamp! Its awesome you’ve already gone thru the first part of the curriculum and have branched out and learned other stuff :smiley:

Its true that in this day and age finding some kind of “community” is hard, luckily there lots of ways to get in-touch with people going thru the same thing. FreeCodeCamp is as much a community of people helping each other out as it is a curriculum :smiley: One of the main sources is this forum right here. You can ask for feedback, help, or try your hand at helping others out at the same time.

FreeCodeCamp also has an official Discord if you want more “live” interaction.

Beyond those realms, there are plenty of other resources built primarily by contributors, and just like the curriculum, everything is free. Such as the official youtube or the news publication.

I would recommend to continuing down the rest of the curriculum with the Front End Library Cert after finishing. (or at least getting thru most of the JS section)

The main reason being is you will have to revisit HTML/CSS/JS as this section leverages those 3 “pillars” of technology which make up the web. However how those 3 are wielded is where “modern” web development takes place.

You might of forgotten some concepts for HTML, or still struggle with finicky CSS, or have a tough time debugging JavaScript code and are unsure about continuing due to those reasons.

I’d say, awesome welcome to web development!

HTML is an expansive spec of a multitude of different tags and attributes. Don’t expect to memorize them perfectly. Just keep in mind of where you can learn more, and keep going. CSS is always really touchy. JavaScript is the programming language that requires as much though into the problem, as it does the syntax. Just keep working with it, and you will get better with time :slight_smile:

None of that should stop you from continuing to more complex topics, if anything you might realize you do need to go back and review a few concepts. But I’d only take that approach to see how far you get. You might find it tough, struggle a bit and have to backtrack some, but thats ok :slight_smile:

Just keep chugging a long and see where you get.

Good luck, keep building, keep learning!

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Interested ! I am at exactly the same point in curriculum - got my “Responsive Design Certificate” and in middle of Javascript course.
Still feel a bit on the edge with css so good idea to go back and redo portions of HTML/CSS course.
You want to buddy on code assignments ? tricky concepts ?

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Also interested, I have completed, HTML, and CSS twice. Began Js, and at 48 lessons I saw that I need extra in everything. I even posted one nice topic, about how frustrated I got. Never though I would reach that point. Venting
Please Pm me if you are still interested.

This is perfectly normal. When you are studying make sure you understand the material. Stop at the point you did not understand and Google for other references or ask for help. Never proceed without understanding.

Thanks Brad, good advice. I’ve only been working on JS for six weeks but already feel like I’ve forgotten everything I did on HTML and CSS, so am sure I will have to revisit those. I’ve learned a hell of a lot more on JS via fCC than has been covered in the Udemy course so far, so I expect the same will be true for the other two. Practice makes perfect, as they say…

Yeah, sure, that would be great. Haven’t worked out direct messaging on FreeCodeCamp but you can also connect with me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dan-bloch/

Hi Alex, happy to collaborate. I feel your pain, particularly on the JavaScript front. See above for my details on LinkedIn if you want to connect there.

I am interested! I got so confused after starting and I still feel lost… I’m in e boat now that I’m starting to feel stupid… which I know I’m not… just got to get the language down and then I’ll catch on

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I have responded in a message. I am pleased to find people to talk and venture forth together in this journey of Front developer. :innocent: :blush:

I also responded in a message. And my offer is also open to any coders here. If you want to code sometime together on a CodePen collab, just message me. I code with newer and intermediate coders weekly and we go back and forth: I show you stuff, you show me stuff. We both learn a lot. It’s totally okay to not be good at it yet.


That’s a good idea… I’m always in touch if you need me))

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I am also interested in studying with someone else. I am from Europe. I completed the HTML CSS projects last year, and I’ve been on and off with JS. I would like to start JS from the beginning.

… Am interested join you on codepen collab,how we get intouch.

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Hello and welcome to the freeCodeCamp community,

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