This may be a long shot, but I will ask anyway. Any other foreigner using this in China?

Hello, I am a foreigner living in Jiangsu, Nanjing. I am from the US. I started learning on freecodecamp pretty seriously a few months ago. Lonely journey so far, but still enjoyable. I am looking for coding pals now. Is there anyone in Nanjing. I am also in a “Let’s Code” group on Wechat with the Chinese locals but none of them in this group are in Nanjing so we can never get together.

The Chinese community in freeCodeCamp is the bigger and the first that started forming! @miyaliu can help you find all of them!

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I don’t understand. sorry

I will look in there. Thanks !

Hi @ringoj66, do you mean “LearnGroup|Let’s code✨” WeChat group?

It’s great to know you’re in that group. I keep sharing information about our community there and answering questions from learners. Also, there are many experienced and helpful developers in that group.

Last week, when I shared that some learners in Shanghai organized biweekly coffee and code, 2 learners from Nanjing said they would like to organize coffee and code in their city. I encourage you to send a message to that group saying you would like to participate in the event as well, so at least three people can organize the first event. I believe more people will join you gradually.

I know there are foreigners living in China who are learning on freeCodeCamp, for example, a learner in that group is from Rwanda, but I don’t know which cities they are in.

I hope this message is useful to you.

你好 !

中午时间给你说过了 :smile:

It is such a coincidence I already know you from that group

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