Calling people living in England

Calling people living in England
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Hello, I have moved the post to the general section of the forum as this is not a wiki. I didn’t see another section where to move it too, so if you would prefer to have one created or move elsewhere, then feel free to bring it up to the forum moderators.


im in Leicester too and havent been accepted on the facebook group


I just started my job as a JS dev in Brighton in January. I’d love to help you guys out if I can!


I’m in Leicester aswell :slight_smile:

There are facebook groups, closest to me was coventry, but it’s pretty quiet. I’m not a facebook groupy so any chat group would be good. How about slack?


there’s a leicester group on facebook? much acitivity? Though I think considering there is relatively few of us, perhaps an all england group somewhere might be better?


ahh, 1 year later ^^ always late to the party. Was a group set up anywhere?


We have a great group in Leeds. We meet up for coding sessions and there is also a LeedsJS meetup group which meets every month.
FB group has 413 members and rising!


hey use discord a free chat and video call website


Hi, I’m fairly new to coding and i’m in the East of England in Norfolk.

Talking and exchanging ideas and support sounds really good to me and i’d love to be involved


I think a UK-wide group would do nicely! We can collabo on discord or hangouts, am certainly up for it and need some meetup. Shout out to @Dude1983 and @iampeterbanjo in case you guys are still in this phase.

I am based in west London by the way, but also go as far as Wokingham on (a lot of) occasion!


Just the two of us? and the post must be 20 characters :slight_smile:


I’m moving back to the UK in May and look to be studying coding full time. I’m based in the Midlands - Redditch so if anyone else is from there or nearby areas it would be good to hear from you!


Why don’t you set up a Gitter channel? I’m on Gitter all the time as it’s the main chat room for FCC. I’ve joined some side groups from there.


The group is growing before its even started!! :+1:


The chinese have a saying - a journey of a thousand steps starts… Lol


I don’t use gitter. why don’t you set up a gitter channel and invite us? if you can invite by email, mine is If not, let me know and I’ll sign up and post my username.




i have registered on gitter, and did check out the UKCoders on it but, it doesnt look like its a group that can be subscribed to


No response so I deleted the group. You are better off finding people to pair program with. FCC is not great for this but I have found a few good people about.
Where are you based?


there doesn’t seem to be enough people about to form a group. I didn’t realise initially but the post I saw was over a year old, so whilst there are a few people passing through, they are spread out over the course of months as people come an go.
I’d suggest joining chingu voyages, they are a great experience for remote coding and meeting like minded people.