Announcing our freeCodeCamp 2018 Top Contributor award winners

Over the past 3 years, has grown from a small open source project into a global community of millions of developers.

freeCodeCamp is possible thanks to thousands of contributors around the world who help expand and improve the community, mainly through:

  • leading in-person study groups in their cities
  • moderating our many online communities
  • creating articles, videos, and podcasts about programming and technology
  • contributing to freeCodeCamp’s curriculum, codebase, and our many open source projects

This year, we are recognizing top contributors who have volunteered dozens - sometimes hundreds or even thousands - of hours of their time to the community.

We’ve invited the winners of this award to attend our Top Contributor parties in New York City, Dublin, and Hong Kong. Even though our small donor-supported nonprofit can’t afford to fly Top Contributors to these cities, we’re providing food, drinks, and plenty of inspiring people from the freeCodeCamp community to hang out with.

So far, lots of Top Contributors have RSVP’d for each of these three parties, and a few Top Contributors are planning to attend more than one of them. These parties are invitation-only, but we plan to live-stream them on our YouTube channel.

RSVPs so far

Our first party will be on August 18 in New York City. The Dublin party will be some time in September, and the Hong Kong party will be some time in October.

Top Contributors will also get a special badge on their freeCodeCamp portfolio recognizing their Top Contributor 2018 status.

This is the first year we’ve given out these awards, so we’ve also included some prolific contributors from the first 3 years of freeCodeCamp’s existence. We will award Top Contributor 2019 status next summer, so if you didn’t make this list, you still have 12 months to ramp up your contributions to the freeCodeCamp community! :slight_smile:

Below are contributors from the freeCodeCamp community, whom our team selected as 2018’s Top Contributors.

This is a good mix of teachers, authors, video creators, moderators, open source contributors, and study group leaders from throughout our global community. They come from a broad range of cities around the world and bring to our community a wide variety of skills.

The global freeCodeCamp community has more than 6,000 contributors, and only about 200 of them made this list. We thank you all for your contributions - even if you didn’t make this short list. We would love for you to be on next year’s list! :slight_smile:

Congratulations to our Top Contributors for 2018! :confetti_ball:

Here is an alphabetically ordered list of our 2018 Top Contributors’ names, locations, and main areas of contribution, along with their social media links in case you want to follow them :wink:

  • A-J Roos from Bloemfontein, Free State South Africa: freeCodeCamp Guide repo collaborator | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Abdul Moiz Ansari from Karachi: freeCodeCampKarachi leader and Workshop trainer | GitHub | Twitter
  • Abdulazeez Akibu from Gaithersburg, Maryland: Moderator and community leader of freeCodeCamp Silver Spring
  • Abu Zafar from Mumbai: Learner and contributor
  • Adam Grawender from Göteborg: freeCodeCamp Sydney study group leader | GitHub | freeCodeCamp
  • Ahmad Abdolsaheb from İstanbul: Content developer and Moderator | GitHub | Twitter Lagos Nigeria sharing knowledge for a better world | GitHub | Twitter
  • Ahmed Raza from Karachi: Learned and got the job | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Akagilnc from Chengdu, China: Events Host and Hackathon Programming Dojo leader | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Akira Laine from Noumea, New Caledonia: Rock star contributor & member | GitHub | freeCodeCamp
  • Alexander Kallaway from Toronto: #100DaysOfCode founder and freeCodeCamp contributor | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Allan Cheung from Sydney: Event host, mentor, and Facebook moderator
  • Alvin Kristanto Lim from Jakarta: Interview Prep contributor | GitHub | freeCodeCamp
  • Aman Mittal from Montreal: Moderator, tester, and always ready to help | GitHub | Twitter
  • Amber Wilkie from Gothenburg, Sweden: writes about Rails and React | GitHub | Twitter
  • Anand Prakash from Bengaluru, India: Founder of and contributor to freeCodeCamp’s Medium publication | Twitter
  • Anastasia Zolotova from Moscow: study group leader | GitHub | Twitter
  • Andrea Zanin from Arco, Tenessee: writer and code contributor | GitHub | freeCodeCamp
  • Ankit from Hyderabad: Technical Author | GitHub | Twitter | Medium
  • Ariel from Westminser, Colorado: Community leader and docent | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Julia Chen from Boston: freeCodeCamp Medium publication and podcast editor
  • Ashok Mohanakumar from Trivandrum: Facebook group moderator and contributor | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Ashwin Hariharan from Bengaluru, India: Writer and editor for FreeCodeCamp’s Medium publication, and meetup organizer | GitHub | Twitter
  • Austin Belcak from New York: Helping people land jobs they love | Twitter
  • Ben from Brisbane: Event planner | GitHub
  • Beth Tenorio from Salem, New Hampshire: Connecting aspiring coders with smart resources | GitHub | Twitter
  • Bill Sourour from Ottowa: Medium writer | Twitter
  • Billy Le from Sacramento: Organizer for freeCodeCamp study group | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Bjorn van de Peut from Eindhoven: Gitter Moderator | GitHub | freeCodeCamp
  • Blues Ram from Chengdu, China: DevOps and contributor | freeCodeCamp
  • Briana Swift from Berlin: Learning by contributing computer science videos | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Burke Holland from Franklin: Border-line helpful tech writer | GitHub | Twitter
  • Candice Davidson from Miami: I speak up whenever I can contribute | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Catherine Kim from Mountain View: freeCodeCamp Santa Clara local leader | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Chaoxin Wei from Chengdu, China: Contributor and study group leader | GitHub | freeCodeCamp
  • Charles F. Eteure from Warri: freeCodeCamp Medium Publication Editor | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Chen Shmilovich from Tel Aviv: Teaching people how to create JavaScript games | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Chris Gagné from San Francisco: Agile coach and contributor | GitHub | Twitter
  • Chris Tse from Oklahoma City: Study group leader and learner | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Christian Zenaty from Oakland: San Francisco freeCodeCamp Meetup Group Co-Organizer | GitHub
  • Cicero Silva from Goa: contributor and local community leader | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Cody Seibert from Chattanooga, Tennessee: open source contributor and YouTube tutorial creator | Twitter | GitHub
  • Cristi Salcescu from Bucharest: Enthusiastic about sharing ideas | Twitter | Medium
  • Curtis Xiao from Calgary: open source contributor | GitHub
  • Dang Hoang Hung from Hà Nội: Leader of local freeCodeCamp study group | GitHub | Twitter
  • Daniel Ashcraft from Oklahoma City: co-organizer of a local user group. | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Daniel Couper from Newcastle upon Tyne: occasionally helpful advice-giver | GitHub | Twitter
  • Daniel Deutsch from Vienna: programming meets law and empowerment | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Daniel Jones from Pickens, South Carolina: Greenville freeCodeCamp group coordinator and mentor | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Darryl Fernandes from Washington DC: Study group facilitator
  • Dave Harned from Nashville: Meet-up Organizer | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • David Kopal from Prague: lifelong learner who loves knowledge sharing | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Dean Yuan from Chengdu, China: helps with marketing and promotion for freeCodeCamp China | GitHub | freeCodeCamp
  • DemongodYY from Chengdu, China: Lead developer GitHub | freeCodeCamp
  • Dhawal Shah from Mountain View: regular contributor to freeCodeCamp’s Medium publication | GitHub | Twitter
  • Dom Wakeling from Crowborough, UK: Scourge of freeCodeCamp Guide pull requests | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Donavon West from New York City: blog writer, supporter, and fan of freeCodeCamp | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Edvinas Daugirdas from Vilnius: A guy who wants to help | GitHub
  • Eleftheria Betsou from Thessaloniki, Greece: freeCodeCamp YouTube video creator | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Elvis Chidera from Lagos, Nigeria: Technical Writer and freeCodeCamp Medium contributor | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Emanuele Antonelli from Oslo: I had a lot of fun (and got 2 jobs) | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Eric Leung from Portland, Oregon: Community curriculum developer and data scientist | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Erica Hernandez from New York City: freeCodeCamp Earth moderator and Ladies’ Lounge creator | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Ethan Arrowood from Boston: Curriculum development and media content producer | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Ewa Mitulska-Wójcik from Málaga: a student sharing her learning story | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Fatos Morina from Prishtina: Medium publication author | GitHub | Twitter | Medium
  • Flavio Copes from Verceia, Italy: freeCodeCamp tutorials contributor | GitHub | Twitter
  • Florin Asavei from Brasov, Romania: Local Event Host | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Florin Nitu from Brasov, Romania: local meetup organizer and freeComeCamp Medium contributor | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • George Butter from Melbourne: JavaScript teacher | GitHub | freeCodeCamp
  • George Sawai from Tokyo: Organizer of TGIFreeCodeCamp
  • Gergely Szerovay from Budapest: Knowledge sharing by writing articles | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Giacomo from London: Mentor and Organizer of Events | GitHub | Twitter
  • Greg Smith from Clifton, New Jersey: Forum moderator | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Gwendolyn Faraday from Indianapolis: Supportive Friendly Awesome | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Harshita Arora from San Francisco: contributor to freeCodeCamp’s Medium publication | GitHub | Twitter | Medium
  • Hasan Kapasi from Karachi: Study group leader | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Haseeb Qureshi from San Francisco: Blogger | GitHub | Twitter
  • Hassan Abudu from Accra, Greece: Study group leader | Twitter | GitHub | freeCodeCamp
  • Hassan Jahangir from Karachi: Study group leader | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Heather Kusmierz from Bow, New Hampshire: Core freeCodeCamp curriculum and Guide contributor | GitHub | freeCodeCamp
  • Hector Johnson Okoro from Lagos: Helping move the gospel of programming | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Hill Chen from Chengdu, China: member organizer
  • Hua Son Liu from Zhanjiang, China: Product Manager
  • Hylerrix Han from Xi’An, China: Study Group Leader in Xi’An | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Indrek Lasn from Zurich: Trying my best to teach and improve the coding community | GitHub | freeCodeCamp
  • Ion Varsescu from Haifa, Israel: Promoter, meet-up organizer, and proud camper. | GitHub | Twitter
  • Isaac Abrahamson from Rotterdam: Forum Moderator | GitHub | freeCodeCamp
  • Ben Gitter from Tipton, Iowa: Forum moderator | GitHub | freeCodeCamp
  • Jack Jin from Suzhou, China: Organizer | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Jackson Bates from Melbourne: Forum moderator and general community advocate | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • James Davenport from Manchester: freeCodeCamp Manchester Community Organiser | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Jamshid Hashimi from Kabul, Afghanistan: study group leader | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Jan Schreiber from Essen, Germany: forum contributor | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Jane from Chendu, China: freeCodeCamp Chengdu leader | GitHub
  • Jason Ephraim from Houston: I Help facilitate local freeCodeCamp events | GitHub | Twitter
  • Jawed Mansoor from Kabul: freeCodeCamp study group leader and leader of CodeWeekend
  • Jeanine Schoessler from Belgrade, Montana: Encourages and supports sharing programming journeys | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Jennifer Bland from Atlanta: I came. I learned. I contributed. | GitHub | Twitter
  • Jesse R Weigel from Steubenville: Live collaborative coding, mistakes included | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Jessica Chan from Austin: Medium author | Twitter
  • Joe Hill from Norfolk Virginia: Local freeCodeCamp Meetup Organizer Eternal Student | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • John Bull from Turlock, California: Having fun trying to help | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • John Kennedy from Glasgow, Scotland: Helping out where I can | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Johnny Bizzel from Leeds, UK: I learn, I help, I mentor | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Jonathan Graham from Belfast long-time core code contributor and youtube moderator | GitHub | freeCodeCamp
  • Jonathan Z White from San Francisco: Writer for the freeCodeCamp Medium publication | GitHub | Twitter
  • Jorge Encarnação from Faro, Portugal: study group leader and mentor | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Joshua Davidson from Houston: freeCodeCamp Meetup Leader | GitHub | Twitter
  • João Henrique from Albufeira, Portugual: a happy senior camper who loves to help other campers | GitHub | freeCodeCamp
  • JP Kriel from Cape Town, South Africa: contributor and Facebook moderator. | GitHub
  • Justaka from Xi’an: freeCodeCamp Xi’an Community Organizer
  • Justin Richardsson from Toronto: study group leader | GitHub | Twitter
  • Kapil Dutta from Hyderabad: study group leader | GitHub | Twitter
  • Karan Murthy from Bengaluru, India: study group leader
  • Kenzo Mendoza from San Francisco: Just a fellow freeCodeCamp coder | GitHub
  • Kev Comedia from Binangonan Rizal, Philippines: I answer questions in the forum | GitHub | freeCodeCamp
  • Kevin Kononenko from Boston: frequent contributor to Medium publication | GitHub | Twitter
  • Keyur Raval from Ahmedabad: India Human of Night’s Watch and Volunteer Editor | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Kris Koishigawa from Daegu, South Korea: Teacher and Open Education Enthusiast | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Lance from Texas: Gitter moderator and contributor to freeCodeCamp’s GitHub repositories | GitHub | freeCodeCamp
  • Lionel Rowe from Shanghai: Forum question answerer and occasional mod | GitHub | freeCodeCamp
  • LJ Kenward from Melbourne: study group leader and founder of Levels Conf | Twitter
  • lmagic16 from Chengdu, China: freeCodeCamp Chengdu IT Technology Weekly Founder | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Luke Ciciliano from Dayton, Ohio: Authors videos and articles for freeCodeCamp on freelance software development | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Manish Giri from Cincinnati: a proud contributor and active camper | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Marcia Villalba from Helsinki: Teaching cloud and serverless | GitHub | Twitter
  • Marek Troszczynski from Oslo, Norway: freeCodeCamp Oslo Community Organizer | Twitter
  • Mary Mule from Montreal: QA tester, forum moderator, open source contributor | Twitter | GitHub | freeCodeCamp
  • Matt Lewis from London: freeCodeCamp London meetup organiser | GitHub | freeCodeCamp
  • Matteo Giaccone from Turin, Italy: open source contributor | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Maxim Orlov from all over: study group leader and travelling freeCodeCamp alumnus | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Meghan Maloy from NYC: study group leader | GitHub | freeCodeCamp
  • Meimei from Chengdu, China: freeCodeCamp Chengdu organizer | GitHub
  • Melissa Guerrero from Richardson: Study Group Organizer and Admin for freeCodeCamp Dallas | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Michael Douglass from Austin: Student and teacher of technology | GitHub | Medium
  • Michael Pimentel from Ripon Happy contributor GitHub
  • Michelle Grosse from Lower Hutt: Medium Editor and writer | GitHub
  • Miguel Lopez from Mexico City: Study group leader
  • Minh Ha from Toronto: Toronto Community Leader & Mentor | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Miya Liu from Suzhou, China: Leader of freeCodeCamp China
  • Morgan Nash from Washington, DC: Contributor to the DC freeCodeCamp Meetup | GitHub | Twitter
  • Murph Strange from Duluth, Minnesota: Motivational writer troll hunter internet wizard | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Nathaniel Suchy from Chapel Hill, North Carolina: Contributor to the freeCodeCamp Guide Project | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Nawazish Ali from Karachi: Meetup Organizer & Group Admin | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Neo Ighodaro from Lagos, Nigeria: Developer and Mentor | GitHub | Twitter | Medium
  • Nicole Borgaard from San Francisco, California: Technology Educator and Community Organizer | GitHub | freeCodeCamp
  • Niels Bom from Amsterdam: event organizer | GitHub | Twitter
  • Nityesh Agarwal from Kolkata: I write to teach from my experiences | GitHub | Twitter
  • Ohans Emmanuel from Lagos, Nigeria: freeCodeCamp Medium writer | GitHub | Twitter
  • Pamela Wood Browne from Greenville, South Carolina: Local Leader and SC Codes Program Director | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp | Medium
  • Pavel Tsurbeleu from Bellevue: Student evangelist, instructor, and contributor | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Pedro Sampaio Maia from Valadares: Available to share my knowledge | GitHub
  • Per Harald Borgen from Oslo: Medium writer | GitHub | Twitter
  • Pete Weinberg from Stamford, Connecticut: Core contributor to freeCodeCamp React Curriculum and Testable Projects Pioneer | GitHub | freeCodeCamp
  • Peter Gleeson from London: writer and editor for the freeCodeCamp Medium publication | Medium
  • Peter Mbanugo from Lagos, Nigeria: Study group leader | Twitter | GitHub
  • Prashanth Chandra from Hong Kong: Camper since 2014, freeCodeCamp Hong Kong meetup organizer | GitHub | Twitter
  • Qing Song from Chengdu, China: freeCodeCamp contributor
  • Quentin Brogly from Los Angeles: study group leader | GitHub | freeCodeCamp
  • Rafael Rodriguez from the Bronx: major contributor to the freeCodeCamp Guide | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Rajesh Pillai from Mumbai: Medium writer | GitHub | Twitter | Medium
  • Randell Dawson from San Jose, California: Moderator for the freeCodeCamp forum | GitHub | freeCodeCamp
  • Ray Batra from Detroit, Michigan: Helping campers teach themselves together
  • Rem Lampa form Manila: Open Source Contributor | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Rich Keyzor from Salisbury UK: Learner, organiser, enthusiast | GitHub | Twitter
  • Richard Middleton from Oslo: study group leader and freeCodeCamp’s Instagram community leader | GitHub | Twitter
  • Richard Sithole from Johannesburg: Facebook group co-admin and meetup organizeraka | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Rick West from Sheffield, UK: Medium publication writer and freeCodeCamp family member | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Robert Axelsen from Vienna: Vienna, Austria Meetup organizer and founder | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Ruel Oquindo from Brentwood, Tennessee: just helping and encouraging when I can | GitHub | freeCodeCamp
  • Ryan Malm from Omaha: Early adopter of freeCodeCamp who designs as day-job GitHub | Twitter
  • Sam Williams from Manchester: tech blogger and chatbot enthusiast | GitHub | Twitter
  • Samuel Plumppu from Gothenburg, Sweden: Programming mentor course creator & platform developer | GitHub | freeCodeCamp
  • Santu Mahapatra from Bengaluru, India: creating learning environments for practice | GitHub | Twitter
  • Sarah Dayan from Paris: A front-end educator teaching others with empathy | GitHub | Twitter
  • Saverio Cannilla from Lecce, Italy: Moderator of freeCodeCamp Earth Facebook page
  • Seth Alexander from Nashville, Tennessee: Mentoring leader growing new devs | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Shi Yao from Chengdu, China: Open source technology instructor | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Shubheksha Jalan from Hyderabad: Making computers less scary for everyone | GitHub | Twitter
  • Shumail Mehdi from Karachi: Contributor, mentor, study group leader | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Sibylle Sehl from Berlin: Medium writer | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Sonya Moisset from London: Tech advocate, mentor, local study group leader | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Stephen Mayeux from Austin, Texas: Lifelong Learner and YouTube Mentor | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Theon Puyat from Manila: Community Builder | GitHub | freeCodeCamp
  • Tim Chiang from San Jose: core contributor to freeCodeCamp’s Interview Prep curriculum | GitHub | freeCodeCamp
  • Timo Keurentjes from Breda, The Netherlands: open source contributor to freeCodeCamp | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Timothy Teejay Parker from White Bear Lake, Minnesota: a helpful technophile to new technologists | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Todd Chaffee from Sao Paulo: Core contributor to freeCodeCamp’s testable projects | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Tom Mondloch from Minneapolis: open source contributor | GitHub | freeCodeCamp
  • Tomiwa Ademidun from Toronto Engineer: entrepreneur, student, writer | GitHub | Twitter
  • Toni Shortsleeve from Carlsbad | Honolulu: Medium Editor and Camper Mentor | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Tony Ménard from Ottawa: Forum moderator | GitHub | Twitter
  • Too LiuBo from Chengdu, China: Event organizer | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Top Qiang from Tianjin, China: Study group leader | GitHub | freeCodeCamp
  • Tracey Bushman from Salt Lake City: Core contributor to freeCodeCamp’s testable projects | GitHub | freeCodeCamp
  • Tung Vu from Hanoi: Study group leader and freeCodeCamp contributor | GitHub
  • Tuomas Poikela from Espoo, Finland: Core contributor to freeCodeCamp’s Interview Prep section | GitHub | freeCodeCamp
  • Tyler McGinnis from Eden, Utah: Educator | GitHub | Twitter | Medium
  • Tyroo J. West from Northridge: Community Leader | GitHub | freeCodeCamp
  • UShow Jack from Shenzhen, China: the organizer of FreeCodeCamp Shenzhen | GitHub
  • Vicky Lai from all over: Article writer, logo creator, organisers’ organiser | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Victoria Kariolic from New York City: Community organizer and Head counselor in NYC Twitter
  • Viktor Rádi from Budapest: the freeCodeCamp Budapest event organizer | GitHub
  • Vipul Vaibhaw from Pune, India: Teacher and Meetup organizer | GitHub | Twitter
  • Vivek Agrawal from Raipur, India: open source contributor | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Wang Bo from Chengdu, China: designer for freeCodeCamp China
  • Wesley McCann from Mansfield: Teacher and an all around community leader | GitHub | freeCodeCamp
  • William Adamowicz from Los Angeles: Created the freeCodeCamp Kyoto meetup | GitHub
  • William Woodhead from London: Contributor for Full Stack JavaScript Engineering curriculum | GitHub | Twitter | Medium
  • Yan Cui from London UK: serverless blogger | GitHub | Twitter | Medium
  • YK Sugi from Vancouver: Medium author and YouTuber | Twitter
  • Yu Hang from Shanghai: Technical Leader of freeCodeCamp China | GitHub | freeCodeCamp
  • Zealean from Wuhan: Evangelist with zeal and skill | GitHub | Twitter | freeCodeCamp
  • Zell Liew from Singapore: I teach frontend web development | GitHub | Twitter
  • Zhia Chong from Seattle: Educator, mentor, counselor, motivator | GitHub | Twitter
  • Zoheb Ainapore from Sydney: freeCodeCamp Editor

Thank you for the honor @QuincyLarson.
p.s I think there is a mixup between Ohans Emmanuel and ahmad abdolsaheb’s accounts

Is it to late to respond to the invite and get on the list?

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Thank you Quincy,
I am going to try to make it to New York :blush:


Since you’re a 2018 Top Contributor, it’s not to late to get on the list. I think I sent you information for RSVP’ing through either Gitter or your email address.

Congratulations! @AdventureBear Will you be in New York? I would love to meet up with you.

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No not in new york, my partner and I talked a bout going to dublin for a trip, but i need the dates asap !

I’m sorry I won’t have the chance to meet you in person. I have enjoyed your interactions in forum and chats.

Pete Gleeson is on our freeCodeCamp Medium Editing team. He’ll be in Dublin as well.

I only know it is in September, but I don’t know the exact dates.

Did you fill out the form? It should open the door for more communication:


I’ll let you know if I hear anything.

yes I did fill out the form. thanks!

They’re still working on the details for Dublin. But since you filled out the form, they will probably be in touch once everything is in place.

Has there been any further information about the NYC event? It’s in less than a month and I need to buy tickets, book a hotel, etc. (I filled out the form, so I assume I’d hear if there was any news, but I was hoping that I missed something.)

We’ve posted the full details for the NYC event in the Top Contributor Discord. If you can’t find them there email me at and I’ll share them with you :slight_smile:

I didn’t even know there was a discord. I’ll follow up via email.

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@QuincyLarson Can you please share the invite of discord? I want to follow the details about event in the Hong Kong.

@QuincyLarson has posted in Discord. I’m sharing here for those of you who don’t Discord:

The Dublin party will start at 6 pm on Saturday, September 22nd

Hong Kong is still being finalized, but it will be some time in November.

I hope this helps with your planning …

hello, i was re learning from the first curriculum,
i kinda skim through the classes,
i have some bug / semantic error on some lessons,
how can i contribute?