Let's write a Wikipedia article about Free Code Camp (help wanted)

Hi everybody. I have started working on a Wikipedia article about Free Code Camp, but frankly, I didn’t get very far. The main impediment is that I’m way too busy with making a living at the minute (working in a book store), the other (minor) problem is that English is my second language and I’m struggling with grammar etc.

The article stub I have so far is in my user namespace on the German Wikipedia: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benutzer:Jan_Schreiber/Free_Code_Camp

[EDIT 2017-01-31: Find the final article at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FreeCodeCamp.]

That means it looks and feels like a normal article, but it has a low search engine ranking and is almost invisible to the broader public. I plan to move it to the article namespace in the English Wikipedia once it’s sufficiently complete.

I invite every community member to contribute. You don’t even need a WP user account. Just click on “Bearbeiten”.

Here are some useful resources:



Great idea @janschreiber! When I get some free time later in the week I definitely want to help out! :slight_smile:


Thank you for spearheading this article.

We requested an article from Wikipedia’s community almost 18 months ago (they have an official process for doing this, and as someone who has a ton of respect for Wikipedia and their processes, I wanted to follow the rules to the T.)

So I’m thrilled that this article will finally be written by a hard core Wikipedia contributor!


@janschreiber your writing here looks great for a second language! I would also love to give a stab at helping if I can. I’ll take a look.

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I have contributed few articles for Wikipedia in the past (mostly in Urdu and few in English). I would be more than glad to contribute.

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@tropicalchancer, @robgaston1, @farooqzafar, @QuincyLarson Thanks a lot, guys! With four contributors we will get this done in no time at all! We can use this thread to coordinate our efforts if necessary. Also, I highly recommend the Changelog podcast with Quincy as a source. It has a lot of useful information.

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I’m happy to use this thread unless someone has a better idea in terms of collaboration.

I am comfortable writing and happy to do so, but I have not contributed to a Wiki before. If multiple people are going to be involved, do we need to start with some form of outline of what the sections of this article might be?

Rather than just try to dive in and look over all the material, it would help me personally to have some kind of research focus. @janschreiber would you want to propose sections or should we start by submitting proposals for the sections?

Excellent questions, thanks! I suggest that everybody who’s willing to contribute take a look at these two short pages first:

I guess the Udemy page can provide us with some clues on what we want to cover:

FCC was founded by Quincy Larson in October 2014 …

How many hours of work? What do you learn? Most of the programs students write will be tested automatically.

FCC has 600,000 registered campers as of November 2016. (Data from FCC’s own statistics page, I’ll ask Quincy if we need exact up-to-date data.)

Please add more to the outline as you see fit.


Here are some other statistics that may be relevant:

Instead of emphasizing total registered campers (about 634,000) you could emphasize the number of people who use Free Code Camp’s platform every month (320,000) which shows the high level of activity among campers.

I’m happy to share any other stats that might be useful for the article.


Thanks a bunch! You did half of the work for us.

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I believe, we should start with an English page and it will have its first draft in couple of days and then it can edited easily.

@janschreiber is it too late to join this project?

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@haiphi No, it is certainly not too late. To be honest, we haven’t even started doing real work so far. I appreciate everybody who is willing to contribute. :slight_smile:

This will be my first time contributing to a Wiki. I look forward to learning something new! :slight_smile:


@janschreiber have either of you had a chance to start this? I think it will only take a little time to create this post. When you do, please create it as “freeCodeCamp” instead of “Free Code Camp” as we are formally switching to that name.

It could be "FreeCodeCamp (often stylized as freeCodeCamp).

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I haven’t started working on it yet. All I’ve done so far is create a Wikipedia account for myself. @janschreiber can we chat to discuss it more as far what each person will be doing? Also, can we move the conversation to Gitter or Slack? It everyone agrees, I’ll create the group in Gitter or Slack. :slight_smile:

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Willing to help in any way… 2 quick questions… this site still being used or did someone suggest a new English one? https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benutzer:Jan_Schreiber/Free_Code_Camp

And 2nd… build it here and port it once or build it there based on comments/additions here?

Number 1 lends itself to this forum and number 2 might be another opportunity for new people to contribute via GitHub and get all that good pull request practice (should probably be it’s own repo etc) with just a text doc instead of code on top of GitHub… but downside is it might scare off new people who aren’t comfortable with GitHub.

In my opinion, It would just make things unnecessarily complicated if we introduced another tool such as git into the process. The software that powers Wikipedia is intended for collaborative editing and has its own version control. I don’t think building the page with git would add any benefit.

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Yes, that would be nice. Thank you.

Figured as much from what I’ve read about it. Haven’t used it yet. Well once, and I got a very ‘stack-overflow’ kind of response (this was many years ago)…

My only point with using GitHub is really o new people get it practice without i being code based. No value o building the article but somewhat of value to a group if new learning who will eventually learn git. No real attachment to doing it one way or the other otherwise.

@haiphi, please add me to the group as well… thanks!