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I just want to know if freecodecamp still has the opportunity to code for nonprofits. I read about it online but I don’t see the option on the website.

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Free Code Camp itself is a nonprofit and welcomes your contributions. Over the years, the curriculum has changed and there is no longer a service where campers are personally matched with other nonprofit companies.

This is totally obnoxious and feel free not to answer, but it seems I am unable to post a question to any category and I’m not sure what to do. I am trying to get an explanation on one of my solutions in javascript and I’d like to post my question there. Thanks

If you are trying to create a topic with images or links, you might not be able to yet. We have had major issues with spam lately, so now brand new users can’t post links until they’ve spent some time on the forum.

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Well I posted one topic 2 days ago, and now I don’t even see a button to create a new topic. I’ve likely been caught by the spam filter. Thank you!

The statement of FCC " learn to code and contribute Non-profits" itself is misleading. By the word “CONTRIBUTE”, it can be meant that campers would get the opportunity to make projects like app or website for others organization or FCC themselves(as you mean to say) for purpose of putting that website or app in real-world usage or business. If they don’t mean to create the real opportunity which sounds exciting for learners then they should have directly mentioned that projects only part of curriculum that are to be done for only assessment.

The article Open Source for Good talks about the move from the old method of trying to match campers with nonprofits and supervise their progress (which became unmanageable long before FCC started getting over a million unique visitors per month) to creating more general open source applications that are designed for the needs of nonprofits.


@pooman - You should be able to create a new topic. I think that for new users there is a limit on how many topics they can create per day, but it’s something like 5 or 10.

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Hello all,

First, I would like to thank you for contritbuting to this awesome community. My problem is that I can not find any button to create a thread in the Help forum. This is a bit frustrating because I created one some months ago, but currently I’m uncapable of creating any.

By the way (this is the question I want to ask in the thread), I’m about to start with the Microservices Certification projects, but I’m also thinking about learning some other languages, like Java for example. Could the backend of these projects be implemented in some other language that is not JavaScript or does it to be JS fullstack by force? My idea would be to made this projects with JS on the front and Java in the backend.

Thanks in advance,


I’ve received a notification telling me that now I can start new topics, so my problem is solved. I’ll ask the question above in the right category. Thanks!

Something got out of whack with the software update and the spam protection and who knows. We’ll get it fixed asap.


How can i nest a element to p

I don’t see any obvious button on the forum yet to create a new post (unless I’m missing something). But it’s okay, I will be patient!

Just FYI, “as soon as possible” often means hours or days at the shortest when you’re dealing with large software services.

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