Freecodecamp API to retrieve courses

Hi, I would like to offer our users the freecodecamp courses. Would be possible?

Welcome, detoro.

Here is an excerpt from this article that I believe applies:

I’m a teacher. Is freeCodeCamp an appropriate resource for my class?

Yes. Many high school, college, and adult ed programs incorporate freeCodeCamp into their coursework. We’re open source, so no license or special permission from us is necessary. We’re even building special tools for teachers.

I hope that helps.

No, this is not really helpful for me

then what do you mean with “offer our users the freecodacamp courses”?

Yep, maybe the word that I used is not the correct one. I mean that if freecodecamp has a API to offer our user your certifications, e.g.:

in what sense? the curriculum is there to use for anyone