Very Basic Code Camp Courses Question

I was under the impression that this is a free coding course site. Where are the courses?

Head to and if you are logged in, it should bring you to the next challenge. I see you already completed the Welcome to FreeCodeCamp challenge…if you keep going, the initial lessons are basically a tutorial to get you acquainted with how the courses are presented and get you set up with a git account etc.

You can click on the MAP button to see where you are in the course or hop around and select whatever course youre interested in doing. Hope that helps!

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freeCodeCamp is an online program that teaches you to code and more than that we are a community of learners. Once you login you can view the ‘map’ and go through all of the coursework and projects. Let us know if you need any further help getting started :slight_smile:

Thanks…I was trying to click on the free code camp logo on the forum and then realized the forum was separate.

Looking forward to getting restarted with courses and projects.


If you haven’t already be sure to join the Gitter Chatrooms for real-time help on your coursework :slight_smile: