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I’d like to become a FCC Article Writer, but I’m not sure what the requirements are for this (or if it’s allowed for regular learners). May I please have assistance with this topic?

Hi @FireBreather65 !

Welcome to the forum!

Anyone can apply to become a volunteer fcc author for the news publication.
You will need to read through their publication style guide.

Then you will need to fill out their application.

The application requires you to submit 3 writing samples so they can see your work.
The editorial team receives a lot of applications so it might take a few weeks to hear back and learn if you have been accepted or not.

I have been writing for the news publication for over a year now.
Here are some tips.

Write on topics you feel comfortable with that you can teach to someone else.
Always make sure to include clear code examples and explanations so readers can follow.
For most technical topics, you should be able to write close to 1000 words or more.
Study current headlines and learn how to write good headlines so people will want to read your article.
Also, choose good cover images.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you so much! I’ll definitely look into this once I learn more about software development.

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