freeCodeCamp Build a Tribute Page


I’m currently working on my first freeCodeCamp project. I just wanted to know a couple of things. Is it necessary to add an unordered list to the project?

Thank you!

You just need to complete the project user stories - the tribute page has two stories - neither mentions an unordered list so you do not have use one - projects also encourage doing things differently - they say Give it your own personal style

User Story 1: I can view a tribute page with an image and text.
User Story 2: I can click on a link that will take me to an external website with further information on the topic.

I will only add, because I am a painfully literal person (I dont mind it, but it drives others crazy sometimes lol) the objective is to build a Codepen that is functionally similar, and so I do take it literally to mean, build a page that functions similar to the example. So personally, I make sure that my projects include the same core functions and displays the same information as well as fulfills the specific user stories, but then add my personal style (to me means design and layout, not including function).

To be fair, I think more people are in the camp that its only necessary to fulfill the user stories… Im totally in the minority of taking the objective into account and in how I perceive it. I really think you can go either way and not be wrong.

Thank you, @ppc and @cndragn for your helpful replies!

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