freeCodeCamp Challenge Guide: Define the Head and Body of an HTML Document

Define the Head and Body of an HTML Document

Problem Explanation

The head element is used to group all the metadata of the document, the body to display the document’s content.

Into the head you can find any kind of tag used to describe the document: what language it will use, what style rules (through the stylesheet link), its title, a literal description, …

Anyway, nothing inside the head element will be rendered into the page: you can see the title and the icon usually in the browser’s tab or in the bookmarks bar but that’s not the page, it’s the browser element linked to it.

The body on the contrary contains everything is rendered into the page: maybe not only that, but for sure all of that.

The challenge provides you a simple html page and asks you to insert the head and the body html elements in the right place; in other word, you should wrap with the <body></body> tag all the elements you can see being rendered on the right side of the page and wrap with the <head></head> tag everything descriptive.

Remember that both head and body has to be children of the<html>element.

Good luck!