freeCodeCamp Developer Setup


I am trying to get freecode camp offline and when I get to the below step it runs the following error

Any tips and tricks to overcome this? :slight_smile:

Welcome there,

We are in the middle of a migration from npm to pnpm. So, you will need to run pnpm i instead.

The same goes for all the other mentioned commands. pnpm run develop etc.

Hope this clarifies

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Thanks Sky020

I did run the pnpm install and seemed to work much better. I have run into a new problem though. I set mongod as a path env on my computer and ran mongod - The following transpired. Is this usual?

From there attempted to seed the database and ran into the following error? Any suggestions?

That is not usual,

In the middle of that output, you can see the error: NonExistentPath

You need to create the C:\data\db path, before running mongod. You will need administrator privileges to do this.

Hope this helps

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