Need help setting up freeCodeCamp offline

Hi, I’m following the guide here fcc offline walkthrough to be able to work on freeCodeCamp offline because my internet is pretty unstable and tends to go down for large amounts of time.

But I’m running into some issues and was hoping I could get some help here.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

-First for steps 1 and 2 I got mongodb 4.2 and node js 13.14.0 I couldn’t get the latest for these because I’m running Windows 7.

-Step 3: I installed git through chocolatey successfully and then I ran git clone like so:

-Step 4: I run cp sample.env .env and npm ci:

-Step 5: I opened another admin powershell and ran mongod.exe from within it’s own directory because the command as was written in the guide gave a syntax error in powershell:

-Step 6: This is where the issues start.When I run npm run seed on the first terminal I get the following error:

So I searched online and found that a common solution is running npm install mongod on the directory where you need it and decided to do just that:

And now I run npm run seed again:

While it seems to have worked I don’t know if it was just a stop gap measure and actually left underlying issues there.

Step 7: This is where I’m stuck. I get the following error when I run npm run develop:

Please, any help on the topic would be greatly appreciated.

Optional chaining does not appear to be supported in the version of Node.js you are running.

I know you can update Node.js on Windows 7 manually. Try giving some of the links a look. I will see if I can find the steps I used to do it at one point.

Just know Windows 7 isn’t tested against by the Node.js team (nor can fCC give any guarantees).

Edit: The top answer in this SO thread should still work but I haven’t tested it with the latest Node.js on Windows 7 and it might depend on the version of Node you are trying to install. But you should be able to get to a version that supports optional chaining.

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