freeCodeCamp in spanish?

Hi, can I change the language of the site from english to spanish? thx

You can do this in (if you have a beta account). Alternatively, on beta, you can change the /en/ in the URL to /es/ and get the Spanish version of that challenge (if it has Spanish text).

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Is there anything we can do to help in translation? (I can help in the Spanish version)

@Egmeier absolutely: Guidelines for translating Free Code Camp to any language


It’s awesome to see that freeCodeCamp is going to support multiple languages - it’s going to help even more people from all across the world who might not understand english become web developers :slight_smile:


Honestly, translations only make people lazy. People who decide to work in the IT world need to have some knowledge of English anyway. It doesn’t matter whether you decide to be a SW developer, IT specialist, or something else, you’ll always have to work with documentation, which is usually and mostly in English.

When I graduated from high school, I couldn’t find a job in IT since I hadn’t studied English, and I had to find a way to get better at it. Now, it’s been over 3 years of studying hard(most of the time as a self-taught), and I have reached the C1 level.

What I want to say is if anyone is serious about coding, and so on, they shouldn’t avoid using English, but be willing to improve their skills since they’ll be facing articles, video tutorials, etc. in English all the time.


I agree it’s important to know English so you can read documentation - but it’s a lot easier to learn in your native language - so providing translations is important to help new programmers get started.


Honestly, translations only make people lazy.
Bro @N4thyra I respect your opinion but I find it a very selfish comment you mean that because you spent a hard time learning english, you want that for everybody else that is a Non-English speakers?
Translations are bridges to help people really understand the message you are trying to send, definitely I don´t see the “lazy” view?
Instead of criticize the Non-English speakers offer yourself as a volunteer to translate the content of the “community that helps you learn to code” to your native language as a retribution.
Because freecodecamp is free or have you heard or read Quincy saying that “poor bastards” only take the freecodecamp lessons for free.
I get your point of the english and the developer world, if you compare technical english terms (that no Necessarily changes because it’s the structure of the coding language like for example) as a language then my friend you don’t know what are you talking about. :slight_smile:

Cheers!, take what you need and don’t give back anything because everybody besides you are lazy as hell.
P.S. I’m a F# poor bastard because I don’t have money to support with, but maybe with translations I won’t feel like a parasite.

So the user’s opinion that translations only make people is incorrect because the user used the word “only”, in many cases translations have made people able to do their jobs more productively, so obviously translations do not “only” make people lazy. That being said I do not think the user was trying to offend you nor people who’s first language isn’t english.

The wording of your post makes you seem upset, if that’s the case just relax. The translation project will not stop just because of one user’s opinion, that’s not something to worry about. I’m not sure where @QuincyLarson said anything about low income people could you link to where he said that?

The user does have a valid point that a lot of technical documentation is only available in English though alternatives in other languages are available. I would say a strong understanding of English will benefit you in the world of software development. Hopefully this can provide another perspective for you.

I’m a Nigerian who speaks Yoruba/Pidgin fluently and I think I should spend my free time translating FreeCodeCamp to either of those languages.

Sorry @anon52159105 I just got upset,

I asked If some1 have heard that Quincy is making that kind of comments for all the people that took the lessons for free. I bet he hasn’t so why instead of saying these kind of negative comments

Contribute with something more positive, like money or helping translation, helping in the forum anything.
sorry if I caused trouble, I just don’t see why anyone has to give that kind of message.
As I said before I understand the importance of learning of knowing english, but it’s not fair for the people who doesn’t speaks english take away the opportunity of joining the freecodecamp community just because they don’t speak english or are lazy to learn english because we don’t know that (not everybody has the means to learn or to study or I don’t know why people doesn’t know english, but not the only reason is that they are lazy, I do know that for sure)
And I found the comment a little bit discriminating even knowing that we are sharing a freecodecamp community (pretty ironic huh?)

But I offer my apologies, its all good.

Tkank you for that. :slight_smile: I very much appreciate that translation project for the Non-English speakers

That’s understandable, I addressed it to make sure that the thread doesn’t turn into an argument over whether freeCodeCamp should be internationalized.

You wrote in quotes beside his name, I wanted to make sure that you were either properly quoting him or that it wasn’t a quote. It’s true that freeCodeCamp is free - it’s a non-profit the goal isn’t to make money - it’s free education and more importantly it’s a great way to prepare for and join the open source community.

The translation project is exciting and is going to help break the language barrier of entering web development.

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I use this translation website: Spanish to English

Hello! My name is José and I’m from Argentina. My English is very bad, so understand if I do not express myself well. I wanted to decile that I can not access beta.frecodecamp
I wanted to know if the Spanish translation project will continue to work.
I am currently using Google translator Xb
Thank you!

A la fecha, aun no se tiene soporte pero si necesitas ayuda entendiendo algo, preguntame (Puedes ir a mi perfil aca y mandarme un mensaje y lo aclaro porque yo no sabia como haha)

Pudieras explicar como podemos usar freecodecamp en español? No hallo la forma de integrarme al beta. Muchas gracias por anticipado!

Translations are not available at the moment, all work in progress

Ah ok, thanks for the response. I will look through the translation guidelines as I have a small but motivated bilingual team that could probably help propel the project forward.