Have you guys from freeCodeCamp ever though of translating the platform to another languages?

Hi guys! I’m Sophia and I’m Brazilian, and I feel very thankful that platform exists, so I’m able to learn coding.

However, even that I know English, and that I’m capable to read the coding instructions, I would like if more Brazilian and even other Latin people (who, just for the record, doesn’t speak Brazilian Portuguese, they actually speak Spanish) could learn how to code without having those language barriers. Is there any other people which English is NOT your native tongue? What you guys think about making this message gets until the freeCodeCamp developers, so we can joy in on a project to translate this learning platform website?

I’m proposing this because even though there is the Google Translator, sometimes it gets hard to understand what is really written in the instructions, and by translating the whole website more people, even kids who are still in alphabetization process, would be able to start coding! I volunteer to help! I don’t speak English fluently yet - that’s why you’d probably found some mistakes, and I’m sorry about them, I hope that even though some mistakes exists my message may be clear! - but I’m volunteering to help, so if the freeCodeCamp team wants to get in touch with me to talk about it they can. I wanna know if you agree with my suggestion and if you would help to make it happen.

Thanks for reading till now!

There is an ongoing effort to translate freeCodeCamp into other languages, and I think that Portuguese might be one of the first ones they are hoping to release. Right now a major rewrite if the curriculum is in progress. Once it is finished, volunteers can begin working on the translations.

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Thanks for interacting! I’ll keep study coding in English and I can barely wait for helping them to translate it in Portuguese, even if it takes some time!

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Good idea. Congrats. I’m also Brazilian. I’m in. I’d like to be part of it. Do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

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