Portuguese translation

In this topic below the author says that they’ve translated the entire freeCodeCamp Curriculum, but that’s not available to me. Where can I change my language to Portuguese?
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There is a process that takes place after a contributor makes a Pull Request before the changes can be seen in the live site. It may be a few weeks before the translated curriculum is available.

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So, is there a portuguese translation already? I’m not finding where to change the language in the settings…

My response above was based on a misunderstanding on my part. The translation project is ongoing. It is not ready for production yet.

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Well, how can I contribute to it? I’m Brazilian, and would very much like to recommend freeCodeCamp to colleagues and friends, but unfortunately, Brazil isn’t very literate in english…

Is the translation ongoing in a github page that I have yet to find?

I’m not personally involved in this project, but here are some general places to start:

  • Firstly, check out the Contributing guide for general information about contributing.
  • Besides submitting your own translation edits, you can also help by reviewing Portuguese language PRs to recommend either improvements or acceptance.
  • The next version of Free Code Camp will be a significant change to the curriculum. This version will be the first one to be available in multiple languages. See that post for details on contributing to the effort.
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I also found this thread that you may find useful:

The translation is in progress:

Thank you all! I’ll start reading those right away and try to contribute a little.