Freecodecamp incorrectly counts the number of completed projects on the main page

it writes me You have built 19 out of 30 projects. meantime i have built 20 projects and got 4 certificates

i had used fcc back then in the beginning of 2018 and so a part of the projects that i had built back then (quit when i was one project - simon game - short of the old front end certificate) were counted to the new certificates, i think the problem is with the tribute page project, the very first, for some reason fcc listed the link to my mock-up portfolio page both as the link to the (mock-up too, lol) tribute page and as the portfolio page
the main page of fcc probably simply checks the amount of unique links to projects in my profile

not sure if i want to redo that project, i got the certificate after all and it’s nothing challenging

Mine is also weird showing 28 of 30 when it should display 30 of 30. I was also on the old system before and when I came back I noticed several of my old projects had been moved into the retired section. I did go through and update all my old projects that were still valid (the ones that continued into the new format) so they would pass all their tests, but my completed projects has always lagged. Perhaps just a bug?

Yeah, same issue here. I’m surprised others have had this too! I just completed my 3rd certificate and I have it saying I only did 13 of 30 when I’ve definitely done 15 of the 30 in order to get the 3 certs I have. All the links are present on the public profile page, too, so I’m not sure if some were just reviewed and challenged or if they’re just not being counted for some reason?? Hope someone can shed some light on this. (Thanks freeCodeCamp for all that you do!)

Facing the same issue, hope it’s fixed soon.

Is this issue on anyone’s radar? I am showing only 3 projects built when I have 8 done.

What I’ve done:

  • I did 3 projects in the “Responsive Web Design”
  • Before finishing the rest of the projects in RWD, I went ahead and finished the 5 projects in the JavaScript section

Thank you for helping make FCC better. Bugs can be reported as GitHub Issues. Whenever reporting a bug, please check first that there isn’t already an issue for it and provide as much detail as possible.

Yeah, I see that this has been reported here: