freeCodeCamp is launching a classical music version of Code Radio

Now that we’re using Azuracast as freeCodeCamp’s internet radio tool, we can spin up additional streams.

And - aside from hip hop beats - what better music to listen to while you code than classical music.

We have hundreds of years of compositions from the greats to stimulate us over tea and ternary.

Just to make sure I wasn’t crazy here and there might be something to this idea, I ran a Twitter poll. The (unscientific) results were promising:

If you like classical music and have some favorite compositions that you think would be good to code to, I encourage you help me track down some creative commons / public domain performances of those pieces and add them to this spreadsheet.

I’m excited to hear any other ideas you all may have around Code Radio: Classical.


Any updates on when this might be launching?

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We haven’t had time to make progress on this yet. This is still something we want to do. Maybe later in 2020.

That would be great! A plus for uninterrupted stream. Coding related announcements will be fine. Please, let us know if you will welcome some suggestions of classical music. I have a few on mind.

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Yes - we would absolutely welcome some.

Would you be interested in building a list of songs and their recordings?

Here’s our current list:

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Absolutely! I will do a list to write there on your document. Thank you!

Awesome. Thanks. I am looking forward to seeing your additions.

We can get this live soon. The main bottleneck is selecting good pieces of music to add to it.

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Yes, I will work on a couple of selections. Does it need be classical music from the old days or also modern? Let us say, Ludovico and Yo-Yo Ma. I noticed a lot of the selected music belong to the public domain on the sense of copyright. If so, I will still work on get you a few on public domain.

I just sent you a DM. I’m looking forward to discussing this more in-depth on a call later this week if you have time.

I found some collections. They aren’t individual recordings, so I’m not sure where to put them. I feel like, if there are already collections, we shouldn’t need to collect them individually.

OK - thanks. You would still need to choose which pieces of music are best for programming. Could you create a list of links to those pieces of music?

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Personally, I listen to whatever I’m in the mood for, regardless of whether or not I’m programming. I don’t think I would be good at creating a list like that. I just wanted to provide a platform for others to use.

However, I have a more general suggestion. Put a ton of songs on the list, and let the listeners upvote or downvote the current song. Then, an algorithm would decide which songs, or what type of songs, to play in the future. Spotify’s API is great for that sort of thing.

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